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Will my CBD vaping battery explode? (probably not)

Will my CBD vaping battery explode? (probably not)

Anyone who regularly vapes will have heard the stories about exploding batteries. It may have made them gingerly remove their vaping devices from their pockets never to pick them up again. But before you join the mass panic cooked up by people who want to sell a few more copies of a newspaper, it is important to address the facts.

So if you like to buy vape juice will your battery explode? It’s highly unlikely.

Vaping is one of the safest ways to chill out after a long day. E-cigs are designed to last, but only if you buy from the right people. The vendor you choose is absolutely critical when you’re just getting started.

But Explosions Have Happened Before, Right?

Yes, it has happened before. Your vaping device could explode, but if you’re buying CBD vape oil from a premium provider like Ma Time then this is extremely unlikely to happen. The incidents mentioned in the media are those caused by purchasing vaping devices from poorer quality providers, or they haven’t taken good care of their vaping devices.

If you don’t take good care of your electrical appliances they could explode too, but you wouldn’t stop using electricity because of that, would you? So there’s no reason to stop vaping either. Our Ma Time Starter Pack gives you a high-quality vaping device that will last for a long time when you take good care of it.

So how can you make sure that your battery is kept safe and sound?

Check the Battery for Defects
Defective batteries are the most common reason why when you buy vape juice you could have problems. Take a look at the battery and check that it’s in good condition. If it’s peeling on the outside you need to replace the battery. We sell supplies alongside our CBD e-juice so there’s no reason not to be using a quality vaping device.

You should also check for any signs of dents or holes. A leaking battery is dangerous and should be disposed of immediately. Luckily, if you store and keep your batteries safe after you buy CBD oil you’ll never have any problems.

How to Store Your E-Cig Batteries

You already know that e-juice with nicotine shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. The same goes for your batteries, whether they’re plugged in or simply lying around in a box somewhere. A lot of e-cigarette explosions happen because of poor storage.

Store your batteries in the same way as you would store vape juice. If you need some additional advice on how you should make sure your batteries are stored correctly feel free to ask us. We regularly advise our customers when they pick up purchases like our Ma Time Karma Pack because they’re new to the game.

If you can get one, try to store your batteries in a plastic case. And, as always, avoid storing them near anything flammable.

We also need to mention that batteries can experience problems if they come into contact with other metals. This is the reason for the plastic case. One thing you should never do is store your batteries loosely in a drawer. That tends to happen when vapers stock up on batteries long in advance.

Taking Care of Your CBD Vaping Batteries

Although our CBD oil is a premium quality, this does not negate the users obligation to care for the batteries of their vaping device. For a start, they shouldn’t get dirty. This is when problems start to happen. When buying cannabis oil for sale purchase some rubbing alcohol at the same time. Your batteries can’t come into contact with even the slightest drop of water, so rubbing alcohol should be used to clean any dirt and debris.

If you don’t yet have any, put it at the top of your shopping list when you opt for one of our Chill Refill packages. It’s a good habit to get into.

How to Charge Your CBD E-Cig Safely

Another major reason why explosions happen is because of improper charging. Inexperienced vapers who use the wrong charger, for example. Unlike your smartphone, you can’t mix and match chargers. Use only the charger we supply with your e-cig. Using a different charger could cause the battery to overheat and eventually explode.

What’s the Main Reason for Explosions?
CBD oil isn’t dangerous to use with your vaping device. Nothing is going to happen if you take good care of your battery. A simple inspection once every few weeks is all you need to enjoy your time your way and to relax after a hard day.

The main reason for explosions is people not thinking about their batteries. If you’re going to purchase CBD oil online for the first time we recommend getting in touch with us first. We can talk you through how to use your vaping device and what you’ll need to look out for.

Although it might look that vaping is a complicated business, it’s really not. The amount of time you spend on maintenance every month will be mere minutes. You just have to avoid getting complacent when you’ve been doing it for a long time.

Buy from the Right Provider

Try to buy CBD oil from the right provider. When someone asks, “Where can I buy cannabis oil?” we always say they should buy from Ma Time. We supply all the equipment you could ever need together with a range of delicious flavours. You can be sure you’re in safe hands when you deal with us.

Explosions happen when people buy the wrong equipment and when they don’t maintain the device they have. We do everything we can to make sure that you never have any problems; you just have to play your part.