Why Vape CBD Oil? -

Why Vape CBD Oil?

Why should I Vape CBD Oil?

Vaping CBD vape oil, not vaping CBD oil!

As discussed in earlier articles, CBD Oil describes a product composed of CBD isolate dissolved in an oil base which is suitable for ingestion, sublingual, or topical application.  If you happen to encounter some real CBD Oil and use it in your vaping device, such as a Vape Pen, it might cause significant damage.

Don’t make this costly error!  It is vitally important that the product description include the word “Vape” or “Vaping” to distinguish a perfectly harmless e-liquid (composed of water, glycerine and/or glycol) from actual oil so you can obtain years of useful service from your vaping device.


As to the matter at hand, CBD vaping has many distinct advantages over other methods of obtaining CBD.  The bulk of the scientific research about its efficacy as a treatment for certain difficulties is now being followed with clinical testing trials.  Due to public outcry, it is now acknowledged by most legislatures in the majority of U.S. states, as well as most countries around the world. THC remains far more controversial because of its psychotropic effects.

The U.S. government has done some silly things in its history, and we accept that as a fact.  One of the most jaw-dropping sorts was granting permission for some people to access medical marijuana to help them with some sort of medical difficulty, but then insisting that it could not be prepared in a way to make it tolerable for the patient.

Imagine that a U.S. doctor has determined that marijuana will have a clear benefit for a young patient, and the parents aren’t interested in smoking because (honestly) who in their right mind would encourage a child to smoke?  They ask the government if the product is available in another form that provides similar effects and they are told that it only comes as “flowers” and that is how they must use it.

They ask if they can have it chemically rendered, in an approved laboratory, into liquid form and the government says “No, it can only be used as provided”.  The parents are then obliged to make their child smoke a joint to get the required effect, or to break the law and have it rendered into an oil base so they can give it to their seizure-prone baby.

The laws have advanced quite a lot since then, and many attribute it to public revulsion upon learning of such cases where officials deliberately complicated the process.  The officials’ intent was to force parents into intolerable situations of not giving required treatments to their children by not allowing them to alter its form.

Indoctrination of legislators into the miasma of conflicting beliefs, with little reference to facts, has been crippling attempts to get this product due consideration in many jurisdictions.  Your biggest contribution may simply be to insist to legislators that they consult legitimate peer-reviewed scientific journals, and ignore unsubstantiated propaganda produced by agencies with no medical references or consultation.  

There has been a litany of complaints against agencies charged with providing reliable public information, because governments of the day have directed them to create literature that is in-line with the party’s inherent bias.  The facts will out eventually, but hopefully we won’t have to wait until those outdated notions preserved in fossilised mentalities disappear.

The acceptance of cannabinoids

Presented with enough factual data, even those defences will crumble eventually.  A barrage of “proven harmless”, “clearly demonstrated efficacy”, “clinically demonstrated positive results for 78% of patients” and much more, will eventually wear them down.

Archaeologists, Paleontologists, and Anthropologists have been freeing fossils from their rock prisons for years, but it takes time and patience.  Once we deal with those who would stand in the way of science, here’s what you need to know about why you should consider using CBD vape oil.

Vaping CBD vs. Smoking high CBD cannabis

Turning the CBD into steam allows fast and thorough absorption into the bloodstream.  It also doesn’t leave any toxic residuals behind. Orally taken its bioavailability is 15%, but vaped, CBD’s bioavailability can skyrocket to 60%.  You can use far less and save money.

Besides, vaping is far better and healthier than smoking cannabis.  Inhaling the smoke from a burning substance has inevitable consequences.   Worse, it impacts those around you with the odour, by invading their personal space.

Well, just remember that times have changed and we now have more effective treatments that don’t have the stigma attached of being associated with a controlled substance.  The truth is that we have only just rid ourselves of the vile stench of tobacco for most of the population. Let’s avoid replacing it with something equally obnoxious.

Small, low dose CBD delivery system

Vaping, particularly with pre-set disposable cartridges, gives you very tight control over the amount you use.  With vaping, less is more when compared to oral or topical preparations.  That means it is economical and less of a strain on your budget, particularly if you’re going to need the product for some time.

Discreet CBD use

In the vernacular of the cannabis sub-culture, “sparking up a spliff” in public or at work to deal with your particular problem is inherently disrespectful to those around you.  Even going somewhere to be alone still leaves your clothes imbued with the scent that others will often find obnoxious.

A Vape Pen is low-profile, not much bigger than its namesake writing instrument, and the odourless varieties can be used in the middle of a busy office without impacting fellow workers.  If you’re worried about the stigma that still hangs over vaping, you can use it in an empty lift, or while briskly walking down a hallway with no one being the wiser.

Vape CBD anytime, anywhere

Vaping produces practically no odour, or if it does, it is usually an innocuous fresh biscuit or fruity smell when flavours are added.  Such odours might make people nearby a bit hungry for a sweet treat, but at least they don’t gag on the smell of burning leaves. More importantly, CBD vaping can become effective in less than 30 minutes, enduring for more than 2 hours.  

Having a puff at 10, 12, 2, and 4p.m. could get you through the work day, clear-headed and highly effective without impacting your co-workers except with your chilled out can-do attitude.  And that just makes their lives better. Don’t impose…just vape!

No medical recommendation needed for CBD vape oil!

CBD is not psychotropic or psychoactive, and is perfectly legal in many jurisdictions.  It can however be psychogenic when you get the boost of knowing that you have it and it is doing its job.  Non-drug-induced emotional confidence is its own reward. You’re more focused on your goals; bad influence people are more easily dismissed and ignored; and you can just “get on with your day” free of the distractions of racing thoughts.

The Takeaway

It is never a good idea to be taken with an idea or notion without investing some time to perform personal research to see if what you have read constitutes good, solid, reliable information.  We suggest large, independent medical research bodies for your research, whether you prefer The Lancet, or reports and results for clinical studies from the NIH (National Institute of Health).

Generally speaking, it is often better to listen to scientists rather than politicians when the actual subject is science.  Words to live by…  

Scientists are constrained by the Scientific Method, meaning that they propose a theory, test it, valiantly try to disprove it, and isolate themselves from testing biases with techniques such as the double-blinded methodology.  They then rely on other scientists to re-run their experiments, also trying to disprove it.

Politicians are often answerable only to expediency and party policy.  They may be doing the best job they can under the circumstances, but there are many factors that can influence them, and few of them are true scientific evidence.

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