Why Have Smokers Switched To Vaping En Masse? -

Why Have Smokers Switched To Vaping En Masse?

Why Have Smokers Switched To Vaping En Masse?

There’s been a monumental shift in the last decade when it comes to the direction of vaping. Not only are sales for CBD e-juice up, but an increasing number of vapers happen to be former smokers. Some smokers even vape at the same time. It’s a startling shift in attitudes and it all comes despite the fact the media has slaughtered vaping in recent years.

The team at Ma Time have found that much of the CBD oil for sale is being picked up by smokers and former smokers. It’s a trend we’ve looked into so our products can be even better.

Here’s what we’ve found.

Why Is Cannabis Vape Oil for Sale Suddenly So Popular Amongst Smokers?

One of the main aspect we’ve found is that when people buy cannabis oil they want to relax. It’s the same reason why smokers smoke. They think the nicotine is going to relax them and they’re going to feel good about themselves. But what they’ve found is that premium CBD hemp products like the Ma Time Starter Pack are far superior at making them feel relaxed, while adhering to the law and not negatively affecting their health .

They find that the delicious flavours relax them like never before and it’s all because of the CBD within. When you buy cannabis oil online legally, you’re not actually getting THC cannabis you’re getting CBD oil inside. This is the element of hemp that can help you relax and unwind but not get you stoned or high, which is caused by the psychoactive THC compound.

You don’t feel disorientated and you don’t feel sleepy. You only feel the stress washing out of you. The CBD inside our various packages is many times more relaxing than a cigarette. So it makes sense that smokers and non-smokers alike have all taken notice.

Is Vaping E-Juice with Nicotine as Dangerous as Smoking?

The fact is that vaping will never be as harmful to you as smoking. All the cancerous agents you find in the average cigarette simply don’t exist when you’re vaping with one of our Ma Time Karma Packs. An easy way to see the difference is through a simple line from Michael Russell, paraphrasing.

“You get addicted to nicotine but you die from the tar.”

It’s easy to think that it’s the nicotine that causes the problem. Nicotine never killed anyone. It’s all the other chemicals and additives that kills people. There’s no tar in CBD oil, so every time you chill out with Ma Time you know you’re going to be able to relax without all the damage that comes from smoking cigarettes.

But What About Exploding E-Cigs?

The media reported on a number of issues with  vaping. They reported that there were a number of incidents where people had their devices explode at home or in their pockets. These stories were genuine, but what many failed to mention were the real reasons why these incidents happened.

Your average vaping device is not dangerous. Buy it from the same place you’d find marijuana oil for sale, such as Ma Time, and you’ll find that you have a great little tool that does the job. Buy a cheap version from a street vendor and it could be dangerous.

The key to making sure something like this doesn’t happen is to just take care of your battery and ensure it doesn’t come into contact with water. Use the right charger and vaping is always going to be far less dangerous than lighting up a cigarette and coating your lungs with tar.

Why Cigarettes Are So Addictive and Why Vaping with Cannabis E-Juice is Much Safer

Cigarettes are addictive for two reasons. The first reason is nicotine. You might even find this in some types of CBD oils for sale. You also have the hand-to-mouth ritual. This ritual is the feeling you get when you take a cigarette from the pack, light it up, and tap it out when needed. It’s a ritualistic habit you get addicted to and many smokers find they can’t function without a cigarette between their fingers.

Vaping has many of the same characteristics. So it comes as no surprise to find that much of the cannabis vape oil is bought by smokers. An increasing number of smokers are asking, “Where can I buy cannabis oil?” because there are so many smokers who credit kicking their addiction to their decision to start vaping instead.

It should be said that vaping isn’t generally an official medical device and healthcare professionals rarely recommend it to smokers even though the benefits are recognised. But that doesn’t mean smokers haven’t benefitted from altering their behaviours by picking up vaping as a habit.

Buy cannabis oil and you’ll find vaping has the double benefit of chilling you out and replicating some of the safer qualities that keep you hooked on cigarettes..

If you buy cannabis oil online you’ll find that it:

1. Feels like a cigarette because you’re going through the same hand-to-mouth ritual.
2. Sometimes you can pick up e-juice with nicotine and get your nicotine fix in a much safer manner.

Weed vape juice has taken hold amongst smokers, and it’s even helped them to quit smoking entirely. But they don’t quit vaping because of how beneficial it is for getting rid of stress after a hard day’s work.

Enjoy Cannabis E-Juice the Right Way – You Need the Right E-Cig for You

Before you go out searching for marijuana oil for sale, you need to think about the e-cig you choose. There’s an e-cig for everyone but you really need to try out different ones. If it doesn’t feel like a normal cigarette you’re not going to take to it. We always tell smokers who want to shop with us to try out different devices, which is why we sell more than one vaping device with our premium natural CBD oil packages.

Check out our Chill Refill range to see what we have in stock.

But we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you need. Give vaping a try and check out some of our delicious flavours. You’ll be able to get your fix without smoking, as thousands of others before you have discovered.

Most importantly of all, though, you can relax at the same time. You’ll never feel more chilled out than with a Ma Time vaping package.

Are you ready to chill?

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