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What’s the difference? Vaping with weed vape juice and smoking a cigarette

What’s the difference? Vaping with weed vape juice and smoking a cigarette

There are those who believe that vaping with cannabis e-juice and smoking a cigarette are practically the same thing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the only similarity they have in common is the action of inhalation.

Beyond that they have nothing in common. So what are the differences between vaping and smoking a cigarette?

CBD Vaping and Vaping to Quit Smoking

There are many different flavour and e-liquid options on the market. Here at Ma Time we specialise in CBD oil because it’s the best way to relax after a long day. You might see this marketed as cannabis oil for sale. On the other hand, there are many other companies selling a nicotine-based liquid, without CBD. These are more geared towards people who’re looking to quit smoking.

Our Ma Time Starter Packs focus on combatting stress and helping you to destress after a long day. Some smokers also look for cannabis vape oil because they want a less harmful alternative for putting their feet up or the need help to sleep soundly.

The only difference is what goes into your vaping tool. The action and the chemical reaction within it is exactly the same.

What Does Weed Vape Juice Produce?

Your average electronic cigarette doesn’t combust the substances it comes into contact with. You’re not burning anything. Electronic cigarettes use a vaporisation reaction. So when you buy cannabis oil you’re heating the liquid base within the e-cig. That can give off oil and water vapour in addition to the flavourings.

What you’re inhaling isn’t as harmful as cigarettes. You’re not generating any tar, as you would with a normal cigarette. There are no burning resins or highly cancerous agents. You’re also not producing any smoke or ash. That unpleasant odour that can come from cigarettes is also absent.

That’s why, when you buy cannabis oil online, your clothes aren’t going to stink and you’re not going to leave your teeth and fingernails yellow.

Reusability and Saving Your Wallet

An e-cig can easily last over a year without the need to replace anything. You may need to replace your battery every so often, but these are affordable and can be found as part of Ma Time’s Chill Refill packs. It takes mere seconds to change from one battery to another.

When it comes to refills this really depends on how often you use it. A few drags of your CBD oil per day means that your e-cig could last for weeks or longer before you even need to think about topping it up. You’ll find marijuana oil for sale at reasonable prices, so you shouldn’t expect it to cost you a lot of money.

Furthermore, there’s the cost issue to take into account. Smoking tobacco, known as analogue cigarettes in the vaping community, is expensive. But if you buy cannabis oil online you’ll pay a fair price for something far more relaxing than a cigarette.

Look at the average price of a pack of 20 cigarettes in the UK now. You can pay anything from £5.99 to £9.99 per packet. And the government recently implemented a ban at the start of 2017 on sales of 10 cigarettes per packet. Every year the price is only going to get larger and larger.

Once you’ve purchased one of our Ma Time Karma Packs your maintenance costs will be less than it costs for a daily cup of coffee. That’s how much money you save when you switch from smoking to vaping.

Relaxation Not Addiction

Do you know why people smoke tobacco? They can’t stop. Nicotine is what keeps them calm and stops them from having a meltdown in the middle of the day. A smoker without a cigarette can become irritable, stressed, and even angry.

People who purchase CBD oil are different. Cannabis e-juice with CBD content isn’t addictive, so you won’t feel the need to vape every few minutes. You’ll do it to relax and you’ll do it to chill out at the end of a long day or before bed. The point of buying cannabis vape oil is to destress relax, unwind.

Vaping with Weed Vape Juice is Social

Smoking with tobacco is completely anti-social. People don’t want to deal with the smell and they certainly don’t want it to linger in their hair and clothes. That’s why most countries now don’t allow smokers to smoke inside. In fact, many countries now ban smoking in certain public areas. Nobody appreciates a smoker around unless they happen to be a smoker themselves.

If you look into weed vape juice or e-juice with nicotine, you’re in a completely different league. The odours don’t cling on and are even quite pleasant. At Ma Time we make sure that when you buy cannabis oil online you’re only getting a smell that our customers have told us is very pleasent

Granted, if you insist on purchasing a modified vaping device, that creates enormous clouds curling around you as if you’re a dragon, you’re not going to be popular. But the average vaper will barely be noticed. It’s better for you and it’s better for everyone else around you.