What is CBD vaping? Here it is explained in 4 points to get you intrigued. -
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What is CBD vaping? Here it is explained in 4 points to get you intrigued.

What is CBD vaping? Here it is explained in 4 points to get you intrigued.

What is hemp?

Hemp, the non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant, contains cannabidiol (CBD) which amongst many health benefits is also known to induce a state of calm and relaxation. CBD vaping is taking highly purified, concentrated CBD from hemp as the key ingredient in a new type of e-liquid, heating and inhaling it through a herbal vaporiser-et voilà! We have CBD vaping. má CBD vaping is made from a very powerful and natural formula, creating a wonderful relaxing, unwinding and calming effect.

Is it legal?

It’s 100% legal because it contains very, very low levels of THC found in marijuana (the other ingredient of hemp, the psychoactive element that makes you ‘high’). What’s more, as má CBD vaping is through a herbal vaporizer that’s just like an e-cigarette, you can do it indoors! Easily shareable to add a little je ne sais quoi to your evening, or alternatively vaped by those who don’t drink, but still want to relax in a social situation, it’s the perfect, discreet way to unwind both indoors and out. Má is super thin, slick and at around 15cm, comparable to the length of an iPhone 6, and can easily fit into a pocket or handbag.

What does CBD vaping taste like?

CBD vaping flavours vary across different herbal vaporizers. Má hemp vaping comes in three CBD e-liquid flavours: Bali Blend, Strawberry and Sweet Leaf. Bali Blend has an exotic spice, whilst Strawberry tastes deliciously sweet, perfect for lazy summer days, and Sweet Leaf tastes similar to the original plant but with an added touch of herbal sweetness.

What does CBD vaping do?

We can only speak for the wonderful effects of má, but as all má vapers will agree, CBD vaping má e-hemp will completely relax and unwind you. Some people vape it to help with anxiety, depression or pain, some say it makes them feel nicely chilled, but everyone agrees it makes them smile. There are no negative side effects, it’s not addictive and will definitely enhance your mood.

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