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Your vaporiser pen is increasingly the instrument of choice that you’ll be using to chill out at the end of the day. Many people are so obsessed with CBD vape juice flavours that they forget about the importance of the vaporiser pen. This is a potential issue, since the quality of your CBD vape pen will determine just how pleasurable your CBD vaping experience will be.

There are many types of vaporiser and they work in different ways. This guide is going to introduce you to the various aspects of the CBD inhaler and how CBD vapour is created using these pens. That way you can make a more informed choice about how you relax and how you can help to reduce your stress levels completely.

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What are the Different Types of Vaporiser Pen?

There are various varieties of vaporiser pens. They come in all shapes and sizes with wide price variations. Not all of them are designed specifically for cannabis oil, but it’s always worth knowing about them so you don’t buy the wrong one.

In the world of vaping the most common type of portable vaporiser is the electronic cigarette. Not all vapour pens are designed for nicotine based vape juice. The volume of zero nicotine content vape oils are increasing to combat the changing legal situation governing the tobacco industry. These pens can come in both disposable and non-disposable forms, while these electronic cigarettes create a vapour ‘steam’, rather than cigarette smoke. Like with all e-cigs and CBD vaporisers in the UK, they use an e-liquid.

The type of portable device you’ll use when you buy cannabis oil is the vaporiser. The portable vaporiser will turn a material into vapour either through conduction or convection. They can be used with pure plant material in addition to vape oils.

When used correctly, a vaporiser will never burn it will only vaporise. This is what keeps your throat and lungs safer from harm compared to combustible varieties.

The third type of vaporiser pen is one of the most interesting types because they’re so uncommon. They’re known as either vape mods or mechanical vape mods.

The easiest way to think about this type of vaporiser pen is as a conventional CBD vaping experience on steroids. They’re bigger, far less portable, but come with more power. The flavours are more pronounced and the hit on your throat is much stronger. To chill out and unwind you’ll need to take far fewer puffs.

The problem with these vape mods is that they’re bigger, bulkier and tend to be far more expensive to buy. We don’t recommend mechanical vape mods for most users. The delicious hit you get from the right pen is more than enough to destroy any lingering stress you’re dealing with.

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How Does Your Vaporiser Pen Create Vapour?

It’s important to remember that even when you buy a conventional vaporiser pen you’ll find they work in different ways. Some of them work by conduction and some of them work by convention. If you want the best possible vaping experience, and the safest one, you should always go for a convection-based CBD vape pen.

If your CBD inhaler is using conduction to heat the cannabis oil inside you’ll find that it won’t provide an equal distribution of heat. This means part of the CBD oil can get too hot, which can cause it to combust. When it starts to burn, the quality if taste and the health benefits of the oil suffer. These are far less reliable and should be avoided.

A premium quality convection-based CBD vapour pen will give you the experience you deserve. By blowing hot air across the CBD oil you’re getting an equal distribution of heat and no combustion. It’s safer, healthier, and more pleasurable.

This is a subtle difference that you shouldn’t ignore. Make sure that whenever you buy a cannabis vaporiser you’re doing it by convection only.

How Do You Choose the Right Pen for You?

The right pen can make or break your experience. If you want the best CBD vaporiser in the UK you need to make sure you’re opting for the right vendor. Check out what other customers have said about that supplier before you buy. Ma Time has a solid reputation for this reason. We deliver on our promises and we make sure that our customers are getting exactly what they want.

If you want to get started with the right vaporiser for you, choose our Ma Time Starter Pack. This will give you all you need to relax with one simple order. As well as three scrumptious flavours, you get a steel-glass vaporiser that’s at the height of style, in addition to a high grade power unit and our premium natural CBD oil. It’s reliable, stylish and represents excellent value for money.

Vapers new to the market might want to consider looking at our all in one disposable Ma Time Karma Pack. Pick it up today and get treated to the Sweet Leaf and Strawberry Dream flavours. These are designed for maximum relaxation and pleasure. There’s no better way to enjoy yourself!

So when is the right time to buy a new vaporiser pen?

It depends entirely on whether you bought a disposable pen or a non-disposable pen. The disposable pen may last only for a few months, but a non-disposable pen can and will last for years. It all depends how well you take care of it. Some occasional cleaning maintenance can keep it in great condition. But most importantly, select a high quality brand to make your first purchase. Here at Ma Time, we focus on ensuring that every element of our offering is of the highest quality to ensure your satisfaction .

There are plenty of maintenance tips to be found online from vapers just like you. Look them up and see how you can prolong the life of your vaping pen.

But if you select a high quality portable herbal vaporiser you might have to replace individual parts, which can be done incredibly cheaply, but for the most part your pen will stay in tiptop condition for years to come.

We always recommend that you pick up a Ma Time vaporiser pen for the highest quality vaping experience today. They come with our premium natural CBD oil with a range of delicious flavours. Relaxing with some quality ‘me time’ has never been more enjoyable than with a premium Ma Time pen.

Which vaporiser pen will you choose?

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