Vaping Helps to Quit Smoking and Science Now Proves It -

Vaping Helps to Quit Smoking and Science Now Proves It

Vaping Helps to Quit Smoking and Science Now Proves It

The debate over e-cigarettes has gone relentlessly back-and-forth. Some experts have claimed they are as bad for you as smoking, whilst others have whole-heartedly asserted that they are 95% safer than tobacco.  But now, after years of division over whether they actually help with quitting smoking, researchers at University College London have, in a study funded by Cancer Research UK and published in the BMJ, found that they do successfully help smokers quit smoking. The NHS  has now also reported that there is ‘little doubt using these devices is much less harmful than continuing to smoke tobacco’.

Although there is research supporting e-cigarette usage, there are still concerns over vaping nicotine, especially regarding its addictive properties. At má, we’re proud that our vapes contain no nicotine, so are not addictive, simply offering a delicious taste and creates relaxing, positive vibes for the vaper. What more could you want? In fact, for many, vaping má has been an alternative way to quit smoking and even drinking. CBD, the active ingredient in má, is proven to elevate moods and enhance focus. With these positive and calming properties, it’s become a healthier way to socialise for lots of má vapers- being both calorie and nicotine free! Má vapers have said it’s both eased their social anxiety and also helped them unwind after stressful days. It’s the natural, instant and slick antidote to busy, modern day life.

Má is not only proven to naturally help people feel better, it comes in three delicious and unique flavours. Strawberry Dream is sweet and fruity; Bali Blend has a hint of exotic spice for those with a penchant for foreign lands, and a palate for new tastes; whilst Sweet Leaf is similar to the original hemp leaf, particularly suited for those who used to dabble and are nostalgic for the taste.

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