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cannabis tea served in uk parliament

UK MP calls for cannabis to be legalized, advises UK citizens to break the law and admits to making cannabis tea in the house of Commons.

I’m not sure about you, but when I think about people campaigning for the legalization of cannabis, one image that has never entered my mind is that of an 82-year-old UK member of parliament.

Paul Flynn does not seem to fit any stereotypes that exist regarding cannabis campaigners, at 82, he is one of the oldest standing members of parliament and also happens to be a long-standing campaigner for cannabis legislation. In October 2017 he launched a new bill aimed at legalizing cannabis and argues that the Commons has been guilty of “culpable cowardice” for 50 years and that due to the inaction of the UK government “countless people have died or suffered”.

Paul Flynn is not a man to mince his words, he is also not afraid to shake up the longstanding blinkered opinions of the UK legal system with regards to the legal use of marijuana. With quotes such as “There is no sign that a single brain cell in the civil service or government has been flickered into new thinking by the current global disillusionment with drugs law.” it is obvious that this is a man without fear who says exactly what he thinks with no regard for the consequences.

Calls for cannabis civil disobedience.

It’s a very rare thing for an MP to advise UK citizens to break the law, but it’s unheard of for an MP to advise people to come to the houses of parliament and break the law! Paul Flynn did exactly that when during a recent House of Commons drug policy debate he was quoted as saying

“ I know that Members are not supposed to do this, but I call on people to break the law, to come here and use cannabis and see what happens—to challenge the authorities to arrest them. That is the only way to get through to the Government’s mind, which is set in concrete. The law is evidence-free and prejudices rich.”

Very strong words quietly spoken!

Could this man be the Gandhi of marijuana legalization? I very much doubt we’ll ever see him at the front of public marches chanting slogans and ducking rubber bullets, but for sure this is a brave old guy!

Cannabis tea and scones anyone?

Be honest for a moment.

When you think about MP’s having a break in between debates and discussions what do you picture them doing?

Drinking tea?

I know I do. But the last thing I would ever imagine is that they are making cannabis tea!

Pow and out pops Paul Flynn.

In a recent drugs policy debate at the House of Commons, our Newport MP/Superhero went down on record stating he was involved in making cannabis tea whilst meeting with a cannabis campaigner on the terrace IN THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT.

Yes, really. The campaigners’ name was Elizabeth Brice, a multiple Sclerosis sufferer and a longtime campaigner for the legalization of cannabis. She is highly renowned internationally and even partially credited with Belgium changing its drugs policy after government officials met with her only a few months before. Sadly she passed away in 2011 at the age of 54.

Mr. Flynn recalls meeting with Elizabeth Brice to discuss UK cannabis laws:

“ She suffered severely from multiple sclerosis, and she came to the House and collaborated with me in a terrible crime on the Terrace. I supplied her with a cup of hot water, with which she made and drank cannabis tea. According to the rules of the House, and the policy approved by the Government—and, sadly, the Opposition too—she would have been liable to go to prison for seven years, and I would probably have been accompanying her.”

It’s interesting and inspiring how some people seem to lose their fears as they age, maybe it’s conviction in their beliefs, or no career progression to worry about or maybe just maybe it’s something much more, something we could all use a shot of.

I don’t know about you but I really can’t wait to see what our superhero MP does next!