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Labour MP calls on UK Government to release details of 1970s “Delta-9” medical cannabis trial and urges Government to legalize cannabis now. Watch the VIDEO

Stephen Pound, a UK MP, and Shadow Minister for Northern Ireland has claimed that a successful medical cannabis trial was undertaken in the UK in the 1970’s the results of which have been kept secret.

During a recent Commons debate he hinted that the Secretary of State has details of the trial:

“May I help the Minister and suggest that he speak with his colleague the Secretary of State for Health and ask about the extensive trial, known as Delta-9, which took place in the Royal Marsden hospital 40 years ago?

He has now gone further and released a video in which he states that the trial was undertaken in London over 40 years ago while he was working with the Department of Health.

During the video, Mr. Pound reveals details of the trial which took place at the Royal Marsden cancer treatment center:

“Back in the 70’s when I worked in the Health Service, there was a project called “Delta Nine” which took place at the Royal Marsden Hospital”.

Later in the video, the Member of Parliament for Ealing North reveals further details about the “Delta Nine project”.

“Delta-9 was, in fact, medical cannabis”

“And do you know, it worked” he states.

He goes on to make an impassioned plea for medical cannabis to be made available to “millions” who need it:

“All that data is out there and it’s not being released because of some absurd ludicrous prejudice that medicinal cannabis is somehow linked to people lying around the street, falling over, getting smashed out of their skulls” …” medicinal cannabis has been around for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, it has the ability to actually relieve pain, to make life better”

“I think the time has come, really and truly. We need to look not at the prejudice that surrounds this but at the reality of the needs of young people and old people and people generally who really, really, need this treatment” he says.

During the video, Mr. Pound also draws attention to the cases of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley.

Billy Caldwell who lives in Ireland was the first person to receive a prescription for medical marijuana in the UK. Prior to taking cannabis, he was suffering 100 seizures a day. Taking medical cannabis resulted in his seizures dropping to zero.

Alfie Dingley from the UK is currently suffering 300 seizures a month, and although the UK Government have granted approval in principle for a medical cannabis prescription, he is still waiting.



So what exactly was the 1970’s Delta-9 medical cannabis trial?
All we know is that the location was the Royal Marsden Hospital.
Here at ma CBD, we have tried and failed to find any details about a successful medical cannabis trial at the Royal Marsden Hospital in the 70’s.
Maybe you can help us?
We will send a FREE CBD Vape Starter Pack and 6 bottles of our premium CBD Vape-Oil (Value £138) to the first reader who can provide us with a link to full information about the trial. (Note: We are unable to dispatch CBD products to US addresses)
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