UK grows it, politicians smoke it, big banks invest in it, the uk exports it. -

UK grows it, politicians smoke it, big banks invest in it, the uk exports it.

UK grows it, politicians smoke it, big banks invest in it, the uk exports it.

husband of UK drugs minister grows it, politicians smoke it, big banks invest in it, the UK exports it. Lords invest in it and control it. But a seriously ill 6 yr old, who might die without it, cant use it. Riddle me that.

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Try for a moment to imagine this:

You’re lost in the wilderness, no hope in sight.

Your food ran out a week ago and you haven’t had a drink for days.

You fear that you’re going to die.

Just when you think all hope is lost, you arrive at a lake full of beautiful ice-cold freshwater. Clean and clear, straight from the mountain springs.

And you’re thirsty.

In fact, you’re more than thirsty. Your lips are cracked and bleeding, and your throat feels like it’s on fire.

So you bend down, scoop up some of the water, and raise it to your lips.

“Stop, you can’t drink that”. You look around and notice a very official looking person standing behind you. “Stop right now” he continues, “drinking that water is against the law”

Your throat is so dry that you’re unable to reply, and instead, stare in disbelief.

“If you drink that water” the official continues “you will go to jail”. Now your mind is racing. You really need to drink, but you don’t want to go to prison.

It’s a dilemma. And you’re confused. So you pause for a moment to think.

As you look around, you notice there are a lot of other people along the banks of the lake. And they are all drinking water. Further along the bank, you notice that trucks are pulling up to a small bottling plant and collecting bottles of water to be delivered to shops and stores. When you turn to look at the official you notice he is smiling, whilst sipping from a glass of water.

How does that make you feel?

Sounds crazy I know, and unbelievable. That’s because it’s a fictitious story, but how about this one:

Imagine you are a 6-year-old child. A seriously ill six-year-old child. You’ve been ill for a very long time and suffered a lot. Conventional drugs and medicines are no longer effective and some of them cause you to suffer terrible side effects. Your parents fear that you may die.

There is a medicine that helps you but unfortunately, you’re banned from taking it in your country. Your parents were forced to take you to another country where you were able to use the medication, and it worked. It drastically reduced the frequency of your seizures. But now you’re back at home and your symptoms are getting worse. Your parents are forced to choose between breaking the law, watching you suffer or moving to another country. The strict rules don’t apply to everyone though. The husband of your countries drugs minister grows it, your politicians smoke it, the world’s big banks invest in it , your country exports it and members of your Parliament’s House of Lords invest in it and control it(1,2)

Your name is Alfie Dingley, you are a seriously ill 6 yr old boy, who desperately needs it, might die without it, but can’t use it.

So please, riddle me that.

1. Lord Waldegrave of North Hill. Director GW Pharmaceuticals

2. Lord Carter of Coles. Shareholder GW Pharmaceuticals

IMPORTANT UPDATE 22/03/2018: Alfie’s mother announces UK Government has given go-ahead for him to be prescribed cannabis oil.

uk government agrees medical cannabis for alfie

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