Premium CBD e-liquid -

Ultra Gold
Chill CBD Vape Starter Pack

Premium CBD e liquid (<0.2% THC) 1ml Formulated with full spectrum CBD distillate; contains 15% CBD and a wide range of cannabinoids 

Choose from three delicious flavours – Bali Blend, Sweet Leaf and Strawberry.

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Bali Blend - Balmy, exotic melody of tropical fruits. Think sunsets, palm trees
Strawberry Dream - Smooth strawberries with a hint of summer. Tastebud chill
Sweet Leaf - A delicious moody blend of herbal and exotic flavours. The true original


  • Premium CBD e-liquid derived from natural certified industrial hemp (30mg of CBD per 1ml)
  • Unique má purification process; delivers high impact relaxation and enjoyment 
  • Nicotine free


"Just nice relaxed feeling.
Feel very chilled"
 - Aaron, Wembley

"Taste is good and is a great alternative to a
drink after work"  - Owen, Widnes

"Something like the "good side" of classical smoking. No disorientation, no dry mouth nor red eyes. Just the good feeling and relaxed mood"Alessandro, Modena, Italy

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