Pharmaceutical companies terrified of medical cannabis oil and this research study shows why.

Hello cannabis oil goodbye pharmaceuticals?

A new research study has shown that 44% of medical cannabis users stopped taking their pharmaceutical prescription medications or used less of their conventional medication in favour of cannabis and cannabis oil.

The study was conducted by Daniel Kruger of the U-M Institute for social research along with Jessica Kruger who is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Buffalo.

The research comes at a time when the use of pharmaceutical medication has never been higher.

Nearly 70% of us take at least one prescription drug and new drug approvals are at the highest level for the last 19 years. Many new drug approvals are now being expedited to enable treatment of “orphan” conditions for which no other treatment options exist.

We have become a “pill to cure everything” culture, and it’s making us sick.

Medication induced “iatrogenic” disorder is the 3rd leading cause of death in the UK and the US

Definition of an “iatrogenic” disorder: A disorder inadvertently induced by a health caregiver because of a surgical, medical, drug or vaccine treatment or by a diagnostic procedure.

Some studies claim that up to 128,000 people in the US die each year as a result of Taking their medications exactly as prescribed, which is over 5 times the number of people who die due to the illicit use of painkillers and heroin.

Add to this the current opioid crisis currently sweeping across the US. During 1 year, opioids were responsible for more deaths than the entire Vietnam war.

In the UK, a recent report highlighted that deaths due to Fentanyl (an opioid pain medication) rose by 33% in 1 year!

According to the co-founder of The Cochrane Collaboration, Dr Peter Goetzsche. In his powerful 2013 book “Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma has Corrupted Healthcare.”

Dr Goetzsche boldly states that iatrogenic deaths should be listed as # 3 in both Europe and the US. In his 2015 companion book, Deadly Psychiatry and Organised Denial, Goetzsche makes the same points about psychiatric drug-induced deaths.

So if you have ever questioned the safety of the medication provided by your Healthcare professional you are not alone. People around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about the toxicity and side effects of pharmaceutical medicines.

And it seems as though a growing number of people are ready to reject conventional medication in favour of medical marijuana.

The study shows that people trust cannabis more than pharmaceutical medication

Kruger and co-author Jessica Kruger conducted the study to assess the use of medical cannabis and to determine attitudes toward mainstream medicine and the existing medical system.

They surveyed 450 adults at a cannabis law reform public event and received 390 usable responses.

78% of the respondents reported using medical cannabis to treat an existing medical condition.

And here’s where it gets interesting, because users responded that they had more trust in medical cannabis than pharmaceuticals, and rated medical cannabis better on effectiveness, availability, side effects, and cost.

Bad news for pharmaceutical companies

The research results do not bode well for pharmaceutical companies who are also facing increasing pressure due to the potential for addiction of some medications as well as the severe side effects (and fatalities) caused by popular mainstream drugs.

Big pharma are so concerned about the threat from medical cannabis that one company, Insys Therapeutics Inc, spent $500,000 in an effort to help block marijuana legalization in Arizona, before releasing it’s own patented synthetic cannabinoid formulation 5 months later.

Prior to releasing the synthetic cannabis drug, their only pharmaceutical offering was a sublingual Fentanyl medication.

So it’s not really that hard to understand why pharmaceutical companies would love to see the use of medical cannabis restricted, or blocked completely.

In fact, big pharma (and alcohol companies) have quietly been bankrolling the various organizations which are attempting to block the progress of cannabis medicines.

Why are they so worried?

Medical cannabis reduces opioid deaths by 33%

Study after study confirms that in States that have legalized medical cannabis, the use of conventional pharmaceutical medication is significantly reduced. In addition, in the case of opioid use, deaths related to opiates decreased by 33% in states had legalized cannabis and cannabis oil medicine.

Cannabis can be grown by anyone from a seed. It grows just about anywhere, in most soil types and climates, and can reach maturity in as little as 12 weeks.

It cannot be patented, has no serious side effects, and there have been no recorded fatalities during the approx 10000 year history of human use.

After almost 100 years of negative propaganda, people are beginning to wake up to the fact that cannabis oil is a safe, effective, and low cost natural medicine.

How can a profit driven pharmaceutical industry ever compete with that?

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