Pffff- Industrial Hemp Is A Strain Of Cannabis, Hemp And Cannabis Are The Same, So This Needs Another Look! -

Pffff- Industrial Hemp Is A Strain Of Cannabis, Hemp And Cannabis Are The Same, So This Needs Another Look!

Pffff- Industrial Hemp Is A Strain Of Cannabis, Hemp And Cannabis Are The Same, So This Needs Another Look!

The topic of CBD, hemp oil, and THC can understandably be shrouded in confusion to the average person- before further researching the topic and understanding the qualities unique to each of them. Hopefully, after reading this article, a multitude of your questions will be answered.

What Do You Mean CBD E Liquid and Hemp Oil aren’t the Same? They are!

So many different companies use CBD e-liquid and hemp oil interchangeably. This can arguably be asserted as a clear indicator that the company doesn’t understand what they’re talking about because hemp oil and cannabis oil are two entirely different things with different purposes. Cannabis oil for sale is used to ‘chill out’ and unwind; Hemp oil is more multifunctional and can be utilised for a plethora of other things.

We’re going to go into exactly what hemp oil is and why when you buy cannabis oil you’re buying something different.

How Hemp Oil Differs from CBD E-Liquid

Saying hemp oil is the same as the best CBD oil is like saying hemp oil is the same as THC vape juice. In terms of molecular properties, effects and purposes It’s just objectively incorrect. Firstly, hemp oil is made from a plant called hemp which is created by taking an extract from the seeds of this plant, whereas UK CBD oil is produced by extractions from the cannabis plant. That’s the same plant people get when they buy weed online.

Industrial hemp oil actually only shares a limited few of the properties of cannabis. You can’t smoke hemp to relax like you could from marijuana, for example.

So What Can You Use Hemp Oil For?

Hemp oil is often used in cooking because it’s filled with consumable nutrients. Some people even use it as a substitute for olive oil in salads. It can even be used for cosmetic reasons, such as a natural moisturiser that people use to moisturise themselves when they get out of the shower or as a facial serum and mixed with your normal moisturiser. It can be used instead of body lotion and is even the star ingredient of the Body Shop’s notorious hemp hand cream. You may also know that hemp oil is the base used to create certain types of plastic.
And here are some other uses for hemp:

  • It’s used to create bio-diesel fuel, in the same way as other vegetable oils.
  • Some eco-friendly paints use hemp oil.
  • You can also find hemp soap and hemp lotions.

Anyone who knows CBD e-liquid and hemp oil have little, if anything, in common with cannabis oil for sale. Those who no longer buy weed online because they wanted to try something else have been misled by companies assuming that hemp and CBD have no differences.

What Do You Get When You Buy Cannabis Oil?

When you talk about the best CBD oil you’re actually talking about cannabidiol oil. This is the natural product extracted from the cannabis plant. There’s a large concentration of cannabidiol within the oil. You’ll also find that there’s little to no THC. In the UK no CBD product can have more than 0.2% of THC inside. That’s why THC vape juice happens to be illegal.

CBD oil has rocketed in popularity because of its relaxing qualities. It can help users feel chilled out and relaxed every time they vape with CBD oil. CBD e-liquid mimics the effects of what you get when you buy weed online. The difference is that you’re not getting high, because the THC content is below 0.2%, which is nowhere near enough to ever make someone intoxicated. It You’re only chilling out.
THC and CBD interact with the body differently. THC activates CB1 and CB2 receptors, while CBD exerts its effects indirectly. Instead, CBD can interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors indirectly — what scientists call modulation.

THC is a psychoactive which is what makes you feel high, whereas CBD is a non-psychoactive. If you take out the THC and leave the CBD, you feel relaxed without any other side effects as it nots an intoxicant. That’s why you can vape with CBD oil absolutely anywhere. There’s no social stigma involved with using CBD.

But Does CBD Oil UK Have Anything in Common with Hemp?

The only similarity between the best CBD oil and hemp is that the plants they originally come from happen to be in the same family. They’re actually cousins. That explains why so many brands confuse the two.

However, hemp oil contains extremely low amounts of CBD. There’s less than 25 parts per million. But CBD oil can contain as much as 15% CBD. These are some of the purest CBD oils around, and that’s all we sell. The Ma Time Starter Pack only contains pure CBD oil, so when purchasing from us you can be assured that you are purchasing the finest available on the market.

Are Sellers of Hemp Oil Dangerous?

Hemp oil sellers attempt to convince people not to buy cannabis oil and claim that hemp oil has a variety of medicinal benefits. It’s a popular myth that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hemp oil has a lot of uses and none of them directly relate to improving your health.

Unscrupulous hemp oil sellers are dishonest, but they aren’t dangerous. They might take your money if you don’t know what you’re getting into.

Is CBD Oil Illegal to Use Domestically?

Neither hemp oil nor CBD oil are associated with any danger. You can enjoy CBD vaping without worrying about the authorities. As already mentioned, CBD oil is perfectly legal if it contains less than 0.2% THC. You can vape anywhere where vaping is authorised.
Hemp oil is also legal to use in the UK. In fact, many users of CBD oil are also using hemp oil for other things at the same time, such as an alternative of olive on salads or as a body oil.

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