Myth busting – clearing up the misconceptions about CBD vape juice and vaping -

Myth busting – clearing up the misconceptions about CBD vape juice and vaping

Myth busting – clearing up the misconceptions about CBD vape juice and vaping

Ask the average person in the street and you’ll undoubtedly receive an ear full about vaping. This is not because they have some personal vendetta against it. They believed the media and they believed the people who have never even tried vaping before.

If you’re thinking about looking into the best CBD oil for sale, it’s time to clear some things up. These are the biggest myths surrounding cannabis e-juice.

Vaping is Not Regulated

It’s true that there are few restrictions on the cannabis vape oil for sale in the UK (assuming it has a CBD base and the THC content is less than 0.2%). That’s why we legally sell má CBD vape in the UK and to over 40 countries, including many EU countries. That has people thinking that when they buy cannabis oil they’re buying a product that isn’t properly regulated.

However, Health Authorities in the UK and elsewhere do monitor and can regulate Ma Time’s products. And since we fully comply with the legal requirements, our products can be sold in a number of territories, including across the whole UK. When you make a decision to buy cannabis oil online with má, you’re buying a fully regulated product.

And that should give you peace of mind.

Vaping E-Juice with Nicotine Sends Out Second-Hand Smoke

Again, this is a complete myth. The vapours coming out of your average vaping device is merely water vapour. It’s not harmful to anyone. There’s no combustion reaction, as there is in a normal cigarette. It’s true that you’re seeing someone’s vapour and if you walk through it you will get a hint of the smell of it, but this is completely harmless.

Weed vape juice doesn’t have to be anti-social, either. Yes, there are some inconsiderate people who will throw a cloud of smoke into someone’s path, but those are not the majority of people.

Your average person will pick up a Ma Time Starter Pack and chill out in the comfort of their home. Unless they tell you, you wouldn’t know they were vaping at all. The vapour from vaping CBD oil is perfectly harmless if you come into contact with it.

Vaping is Bad for the Environment

We always get wide-eyed at this myth.

Let’s address some facts:

  • Every year there are 4.5 trillion cigarette butts thrown everywhere from the side of the street, to woodland roads.
  • Your average vaping device isn’t burning anything, so there’s no risk of forest fire.
  • Vaping creates no waste. There’s nothing to throw away and any parts, such as the battery, can be fully recycled.

Vaping has no impact on the environment whatsoever. We would even go as far as to say vaping with cannabis e-juice is eco-friendly assuming you dispose of your equipment responsibly.

Vaping with Weed Vape Juice is Harmful Like Cigarettes

This myth comes from the fact that the cannabis oil for sale on the market today often contains nicotine. Just because it contains nicotine doesn’t make vaping harmful. The average cigarette has lots of cancerous agents. But the cannabis vape oil for sale you find doesn’t contain cancerous agents.

Furthermore, it isn’t the nicotine which causes cancer- It’s the tar within cigarettes that inflicts a myriad of health problems. Nicotine is simply the agent people are attracted to, making vaping nicotine a much wiser alternative for your health. Our CBD oil is actually nicotine free, making it an even better alternative to those looking to quitting their nicotine addiction. So when you buy cannabis oil with the Ma Time Karma Pack you know that you’re not inhaling g anything addictive or harmful.

There are some brands of e-juice with nicotine that contain little to no nicotine. Many smokers adjust their brand as they taper down both cigarette smoking and vaping, for example.

Vaping is the SAME as Smoking

Weed vape juice is not the same as smoking in any sense. However, It’s true though that smoking and vaping does have similarities.

The main differences between smoking and vaping include:

  • Vaping does not contain any of the cancerous ingredients you find in the average cigarette.
  • The marijuana oil contains CBD, which is the same non psychoactive found in cannabis which creates a relaxing a calming effect.
  • The mechanism to produce the vapour is entirely different. Cigarette smoke is produced by combustion. There’s no combustion here. You’re only vaporising a perfectly harmless product, with the by-produce being vapour.
  • It’s not considered to be an anti-social activity because it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t give people the characteristic smoker’s cough.

As you can see, vaping isn’t remotely the same as smoking. The only similarity is that smokers may also vape as an alternative.

What’s the Real Difference Between Smoking and Vaping?

The main difference between cannabis e-juice and smoking is the intention. Vaping with cannabis oil is a great way to combat stress. You’re not addicted to anything and you’re not doing it because you feel like you have to. You’re doing it because you want to decompress after a hard day’s work.

And you’re doing it through three delicious flavours we sell in the Chill Refill range. We don’t pretend that it’s going to change your health or that it’s going to change your life. It’s just a great way to bring about the end of the day and find that chill zone and relaxation that we all need before sleeping or to combat stress during the day. As it is based on the non-psychoactive compound, CBD, you can vape and relax without inhibiting your ability to function through the day, making it a productive alternative without the health concerns.

Last Word – Get Your Fix

Our cannabis e-juice contains a premium quality CBD oil, so you’re guaranteed to feel relaxed. With our cannabis oil, we sell vaping devices that are designed to last. As long as you take care of your supplies there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy vaping without any snags for years to come.

Don’t buy into any of the myths that are floating around the internet and media, produced by writers to increase traffic by creating shocking content. They’re started by people who’re ignorant of vaping and who have never even tried vaping.
These are the real facts, backed up by real scientific and anecdotal evidence. Have you heard any other myths about CBD vaping?

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