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Is Your Mum Buying Weed Online? – Marijuana Products On The Rise

Can You Imagine Your Mother Smoking A Joint?

That’s exactly what’s happening more than ever before. Marijuana products aren’t just for young people. They’re for anyone who wants to relax. It’s why here at Ma Time we sell CBD vape oil to people of all ages and from all backgrounds. If you’re looking for cannabis oil for sale you’re in good company, and more importantly you’re not doing anything illegal as long as there is no THC content in the product you buy.

Kathryn VanEaton from Colorado in the USA is also not doing anything illegal. She’s a mother of four and has built her reputation as Stoner Mom.

Buy Weed Online – Who is Stoner Mom?

Your cannabis vaporizer in the UK may not be able to contain weed, but in eight states in the USA, including Washington DC, that’s far from the case. Colorado is one state that heavily supports the legalisation of cannabis, and they were one of the first to do it. Stoner Mom has created controversy by taking full advantage of it.

So what can you expect if you open up one of her videos?

She opens up a medicine bag and unveils a variety of purple pots and a pink glass pipe. This mother of four has been praised as a pioneer by some and criticised as an irresponsible parent by others. All her videos are shot when she’s high. VanEaton is not targeting her videos at everyone. She’s aiming her videos at stressed working mums who just want to relax.

Her videos teach people everything, from how to get started with marijuana to how to hide their stashes. Quite a shocking juxtaposition would understandably make most people question this mother’s integrity, however in the state of Colorado cannabis is completely legal so she’s not doing any wrong in the eyes of the law- only the court of public opinion.

Why Working Mothers Need CBD Oil UK

We obviously can’t recommend that anyone attempts to buy weed online in the UK, but Stoner Mom has demonstrated such an important and overlooked point. Products derived from the marijuana plant aren’t confined to the younger generations. Liquid gold CBD brands, for example, are something anyone can enjoy. She is breaking the stereotypical mould and challenging people’s previous preconceptions of marijuana being for irresponsible, young layabouts, having munchies in a Volkswagen van by the beach when they should be in class.

We always promote our Ma Time Starter Pack to anyone who needs to de-stress and relax after the difficult challenges that life throws at them. Nobody knows how difficult life can be more than a working mum. They have to deal with running a household and managing their children all at the same time. Being a mother is like a full time job in itself, alongside that they have to manage an additional part-time or full-time job. So imagine having two full time jobs, one you’re at 8 hours in a day, then finish work to go back to your other full time job.

So how can the best CBD oil help them?

CBD oil is the ideal product for a working mother because it targets what mothers don’t have a lot of: time. Without the time to unwind and relax in a warm, welcoming bath or simply watching some TV, mums often find it difficult to combat stress. Understandably, such a dilemma can leave them irritable, anxious, and even depressed.

When you buy cannabis oil for sale all you have to do is load it up into a premium cannabis vaporizer UK. Take a few puffs and enjoy the delicious flavour of a relaxing CBD brand. One of the best parts of CBD oil is that you can take a break even if you only have a few minutes between the end of your lunch break and walking back into the office.

Not just is it completely legal to do so, unlike if you were to buy weed online, CBD is non-psychoactive while THC is the psychoactive compound. Meaning you can enjoy the physically relaxing benefits and mental clarity, without having to feel “high”.

CBD Vape Oil – Getting You Back in the Game

There’s one flaw to Stoner Mom: she can’t light up anywhere at any time. She has to be able to get back to running a household. Her videos are great for people who want to enjoy a joint in an area of the world where it’s legal. This doesn’t negate the reality that it’s not legal in the UK and even if you were to decide to not abide by the law it’s going to put you out of commission for the day, putting a potentially productive day to waste- which is not what a mother needs or wants with a hectic.

CBD oil UK is non-psychoactive, meaning it allows you to relax without making you high. Liquid gold CBD brands have no psychoactive substances inside. One of the main ones is the THC. This is the cannabinoid in cannabis that makes you feel high. They don’t necessarily make you feel relaxed.

As you would expect, the best CBD oil contains high amounts of CBD and is extremely pure. The high level of purity means that there’s no better way to relax wherever and whenever you want. It’s pure convenience.

Has Stoner Mom Sparked a Trend with Weed and Cannabis Oil for Sale?

Stoner Mom is definitely the most famous mother when it comes to marijuana. She’s inadvertently sparked a trend. She’s brought the attention to marijuana products that they otherwise would never have received, if a young student for example were to produce the same videos.

In a world where it’s becoming more acceptable to get high (the USA in particular, after decades of restraint) and to try out products like CBD vape oil, Stoner Mom is changing the way people think. This is important because many people believe that it’s vital that the stereotypes surrounding marijuana products are eliminated.

We recommend that anyone who deals with a lot of stress picks up the Ma Time Karma Pack. They can enjoy strawberry and sweet leaf flavour from of a premium vaping device in brushed gold, or black jade coloured pens. CBD oil UK is for everyone and it’s far more cost-effective, productive and less cruel on your health than picking up a smoking habit or getting wasted down the pub.

Could this change the path of marijuana legalisation?

We’re excited about the future of marijuana products like liquid gold CBD and weed in general because currently we operate under strict UK restrictions on THC content. The alteration of public opinion could ultimately mean a more creative, innovative, wider variety of products for all consumers.

However, a requisite of this is if all segments of society become more educated and change the way that they view marijuana products.