How much CBD Oil should I Vape? (Limited Time Offer 500mg CBD Oil)

How much CBD Oil should I Vape?

It all depends on Physiology....

When considering how much CBD oil should I vape, the appropriate dose is somewhat variable between individuals.  Some people obtain a significant effect with just a tiny, tiny dose of 3 mg per day—that might be all that you need—whereas the majority of CBD vapers average in the 10-100 mg range.  If you’re in the low end of the spectrum consider yourself lucky and imagine all the money you are saving!

People starting out will often begin with just 1 mg CBD equivalent the first time, and if the effect is not detectable (or sufficient) bump it up to 2 mg CBD for the next dose.  They carry on that way until they find the level that works for them. That is the major advantage of vaping CBD since it is fast onset (15-30 minutes) and dissipates within two hours.  

Making dose adjustments is ridiculously easy, particularly with a quality disposable/refillable CBD vape pen cartridge where you know exactly how much you are getting.  If a 200 mg cartridge provides 200 puffs, the mathematics is mind-bogglingly simple.

In some chronic cases, daily doses have reached up to 300+ mg CBD over the course of a day, and in one exceptional case into the stratosphere at 1,500 mg daily for four weeks, without ill-effects, but that is almost certainly not you, so don’t stress yourself about that.  It is definitely not a goal or a target — the exception proves the rule, after all!

In an interesting bit of physiology, many people find they can reduce the amount of CBD vape oil they use after several days, and still maintain the effect.  Acclimatisation is an important benefit.

How much CBD vape oil do you really need?

We’re constrained from relating anecdotal experiences because of phraseology within our laws regarding medical applications of CBD vaping, so instead here is a practical notion to help you figure out your own plan.  If you are addressing something that concerns thinking processes, good news, you get to sit in the least expensive seats in the theatre! Doses begin at 1 mg and often settle between 5-80 mg per day for increased focus.

To amplify the experience, on the other hand, doseage usually must begin at 5 mg but the upper range varies widely and could be as little as 20 mg or upwards of 300+ per day.  In most cases you will never even approach the upper limit, so don’t panic about that.  

Most people enjoy a chill, and we are clearly agreed that increasing the level of cannabinoids in your endocannabinoid system is its own reward… but you have lived with a situation for a certain length of time already,  so approach “finding your level” gently. Stick to small increments until you find the Smallest Effective Dose (SED).  Unless your goal is to overcome major "unchilledness", there is very little reason to consume larger quantities of CBD!

Is CBD vape oil Safe?

CBD has minimal side-effects, such as tiredness (most people don’t notice any at all).  Of those that do experience side-effects, generally they see them disappear after just two or three days.  

To our knowledge there has never been a single case of CBD overdose.  This is completely aside from the fact that the word “overdose” itself is a loaded word with strong implications of illegal use of controlled substances.  

CBD has been disassociated from controlled substances in most jurisdictions.  Continuing to use that phraseology for a substance which is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) is certainly counterproductive and perpetuates the idea that this substance is dangerous in some way when all evidence points to the contrary position.

This specific term GRAS arises from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) designation, indicating that a food additive chemical or other substance is considered safe by experts.  Consequently, it is exempted from testing for the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA).

How much CBD e liquid is too much?

There have been instances where people who regularly vape CBD e-liquid have tried CBD Oil (real CBD OIL, not e-juice, vape-fluid, or Vape-oil), and used it sublingually (under the tongue), or as a food component, as recommended.  They are confused by the much slower onset, and they put it down to ineffectiveness at the lack of near-immediate effect, such as when vaping.

They take more, often far too much, and it can cause gastric distress (upset stomach) at worst, but usually results in prolonged sleep.  Ingesting CBD Oil has a long-term effect (8-12 hours) compared to the relatively fleeting effect of vaping. Both are perfectly adequate, but for different purposes.  

Something rapid onset, such as a nasty surprise event of some sort, would respond better to vaping than other methods.  For stronger and longer duration, it could be better to go with edible or sublingual methods so the effect is prolonged. It is situationally dependent, of course, so you must determine what is the most effective method, or combination of methods, to solve your particular challenge.

The Takeaway

Thank Goodness and Common Sense that the world is evolving!  In the 10-12,000 years that humans have been utilising cannabis products, it has given us some of the earliest shoes, clothing, shelter, bridges that helped us explore new previously only barely accessible lands, seeds and flour for food, oils for cooking, or for lamps to provide light, and effective treatments as culturally derived medicine.

Completely incidentally, it also provided recreation for people burning the flowers for scent, and for religious ceremonies.  Instead of destroying society as proposed by misguided early-20th Century lawmakers, it actually drew a community together.  For at least ten millennia it has enhanced social activity; it has focused people in communities towards achieving goals.

Far from destroying society, this simple plant may have been one of many factors that helped to create society by giving us those common goals.  It served to lubricate social interaction between tribes, increase trade, foster cooperation… all rather than letting the xenophobia, fear, and fighting continue.

CBD is only one of the available 100+ cannabinoids we have found in cannabis, and it (like most others) won’t “make you high”.  Since opposition to cannabis is generally based on removing pleasurable experiences, this should be quite acceptable to lawmakers.  More importantly, many more cannabinoids should be subject to additional research to find out how they can help us, too.

Welcome to the 21st Century, where we are approaching the same level of liberation that humanity enjoyed from 10000 B.C.E. to 1930 C.E.  Isn’t it great to be on the verge of enjoying the freedoms humanity experienced until shortly after the 19th Century ended?  Let’s hear it for the advancement…um…ahh… the regression of the human race to a time of greater freedom!

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