Hemp oil versus CBD oil -

Hemp oil versus CBD oil

Hemp oil versus CBD oil

In doing our trials for our CDB oil vaping product we were asked many times “ Hemp oil versus CBD oil, which is better?” The answer is, there is no difference. It can be confusing as CBD is often associated with cannabis, which we all believe is illegal in the UK. However, hemp oil from the male cannabis plant (or ‘industrial hemp’ as it is also known) is in fact a legal substance. CBD oil is an extract that comes from industrial hemp or cannabis is unlike THC, which is not legal in the UK.

Industrial Hemp, source of cbd oil

So is hemp oil CBD oil?

Hemp oil and cannabis oil come from the same species of plant. The male cannabis plant (or ‘Industrial Hemp’ plant) has CBD as its principal extract. Cannabis oil from the polinated female plant has CBD in it too and depending on the plant, typically has a higher percentage of THC, the element famous for providing the ‘stoned’ feeling. Industrial hemp however, has very low levels of THC in it. THC is the element that gets you ‘high’ and is illegal in most countries around the world. So if your CBD oil comes from a hemp plant or a cannabis plant, it does not really matter legally, as long as the THC content is extremely low. Ma Time obtains our CBD oil from industrial hemp plants only and has extremely low levels of THC, below the legal threshold of 0.2%. So you can say it is hemp oil, or cannabis CBD oil. Both are technically correct.

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