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Why don't I just buy any old vaporiser and then buy any cbd e-liquid to refill it?

má is unique amongst cbd oil vapes. There's a genuine relaxation impact that's clearly noticeable, due to our unmatched purification and extraction process. Others brands simply do not deliver the same positive reaction that so many of our customers are writing to us about, how they are able to unwind and relax using má. Using this fine light cbd oil in a normal vaporiser not properly adapted, means you might burn through it at an unacceptably high consumption rate. It's a very precious liquid and needs equipment designed specifically to maximise the benefits and minimise the speed of use.

How do I use the má chill CBD Pen?

The ma chill is designed to be easy to set-up and use, and come with full instructions. If you encounter any problems, please contact us by emailing: info@cbdetc.com or by calling +44 (0)800 023 5519.

How do I replace my bottle of má chill cbd e-liquid?

Replacement is easy. Just choose your flavour and order your replacement má chill 1ml bottle.
The two purchase options are;

má oil only,


má oil with a brand new steel and glass flavour cartridge.

Specifically designed for this high grade oil, this ensures maximum performance every time, as well as improved cleanliness and purity of your product.

How do I fill my má chill unit?

FIRST STEP! Please CHARGE your battery (we ship uncharged, to avoid any potential damage)
1. To assemble, unscrew metal mouthpiece from glass tube and remove gently
2. Open bottle by pushing top of the cap sideways until it pops off
3. Insert bottle nozzle directly into slim gap between glass perimeter and central metal tube
4. Squeeze bottle and fill inside glass, leaving 1 - 2mm of air at the top of the glass tube
5. Screw mouthpiece back on gently and then screw cartridge onto má power unit
6. Press power button rapidly 5 times, to turn on (and off when not in use)

I have left my má product unused for a while, what should I do before re-use?

1. Important; give the product a good shake before further use.
2. For improved taste, do not inhale the first 5 puffs or so, just blow them back out.
3. Recharge you battery

How do I know when the má unit is empty?

As soon as the liquid is no longer visible (with the má chill unit), or as soon as the taste begins to change. Then immediately discard the unit and replace with a new one. Avoid using to the point where you are effectively smoking the dry wick, which can be unpleasant.

How do I operate the má power unit?

FIRST STEP! Please CHARGE your battery (we ship uncharged, to avoid any potential damage)
1. To turn on the battery, rapidly click the button 5 times (it will flash once)
2. Click again rapidly 3 times, to get to the ideal má setting, with the green LED visible
3. To use, press and hold the power button down as you inhale the vapour, then release.
4. To turn battery off, rapidly click the button 5 times (it will flash again before switching off)
When the battery is turned on, you can adjust the power setting as follows.

3 more rapid clicks, from each setting, will change the voltage as follows;
• 2.6 volts - colour green (the ideal má setting)
• 3 volts - colour gold
• 4.0 volts - colour red

How do I know when to charge the má power unit?

1. Your battery requires recharging when the LED light is flashing green when in operation.
2. The battery LED light will turn off when charging, and the USB charger indicator light will turn red when charging.
3. When fully charged, the USB charger indicator light will turn green. A full charge will take about one hour or so.

Please read the information provided with your má power unit before recharging.

How do I recharge the má power unit?

USB Charger LED Lighting:
• Yellow/Red Light = Power unit is charging
• Flickering Red & Green Light = charge nearly complete
• Solid Green Light = charge complete

How do I contact má Customer Service?

To contact má Customer Service, please submit a support request by emailing: info@cbdetc.com or by calling +44 (0)800 023 5519

When will my order ship? When will I receive shipment tracking details?

Orders are processed within 24hrs. We aim to ship all orders the same day if received before midday. Subject to stock availability.
You will receive an email from us when your order is ready for dispatch.

Order not received?

Please contact us as soon as possible. Generally Royal Mail will ask us to allow up to 14 working days before we can investigate.

I received my order, but one product or more is faulty or missing.

Please let us know if a product is faulty or missing from your order by emailing: info@cbdetc.com

I have received someone else's order- what should I do?

In the unlikely event there has been an error and you've received someone else's order please contact us on +44 (0)800 023 5519 so we can immediately resolve any problem.

Can I use má in places where smoking is prohibited?

Please study your local laws and ordinances before using má in public places.

Is there an age limit on má products?

má products are strictly for persons over 18 years of age. No má products are to be sold or marketed to anyone under 18 years of age.

Will I get red eyes after using má products?

No. There are no red-eye effects from CBD use.

Why is má expensive relative to other e-juices?

Premium CBD oil is still a rare and expensive ingredient. This is due to high demand for it's health properties as well as the expense of refining the oil to a high quality. Hemp is also a restricted crop in most countries worldwide although at last, this is beginning to change.

Customers of má get value for money since by far the most expensive element of the product is the oil itself, which you consume.

Does the vapour smell like hemp or cannabis?

No. Your vaporiser will release a subtle fragrance that disappears almost immediately.

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