Does cbd get you high? -

Does cbd get you high?

Does CBD get you high?

CBD is not the element of the cannabis plant that is famous for getting you ‘high’.  The CBD is like the good cop in the good cop – bad cop scene, in terms of current UK legislation, since CBD is legal is it contains less than 0.2% psychoactive cannabinoids. The CBD keeps you calm and relaxed instead of making you high. Obviously, Ma Time products have low levels of psychotropic cannabinoids and so you do not get the same feeling that as smoking a joint – but – if you vape a premium quality CBD oil, you can get a wonderful relaxation benefit. This is not what Ma Time is all about. Ma Time = Me time. We want you to be able to vape anywhere, at any time with your Ma Time vaporiser. Does the Ma Time CBD get you high? If enjoying a deep feeling of relaxation at times when you would normally feel quite stressed – if that to you is feeling high, then yes! Our starter pack and Karma offering are all about relaxing, they’re not about seeking a high. It’s about me time, about being you, relaxed and feeling good about yourself.

Does CBD vaping get you high?

As you know, you can consume CBD in many different ways. By vaping the CBD it does have a more instant effect on your ability to relax both physically and mentally and so can be viewed as a way to enjoy a quicker impact over other ways of taking CBD – but getting high is not the goal. The Ma Time starter pack has been designed to ensure that our premium CBD oil vape moves into your bloodstream quickly so that you can conveniently and at any time enjoy the relaxing benefits of this superior product

Does CBD give you a natural high?

A ‘ natural high ‘ has different meanings to different people. Obviously, it’s important for health to digest ‘natural’ products as far as possible. However, CBD is a natural product and it does provide you with the feeling of being relaxed and can really help when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. If you suffer from stress or are particularly nervous before an event, Ma Time Starter Pack can give you the same effect as a natural high. This is not to be confused with the intense feeling of “ being high” from an illegal product, but ensuring that you have a wonderfully positive attitude to the day or the event about to take place.


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