Do vapour pens have nicotine in them? -

Do vapour pens have nicotine in them?

Do vapour pens have nicotine in them?

E liquid vape pens hit the UK market a few years back to primarily help people give up smoking and also to get around the UK smoking laws after it was banned in public. CBD vaping is not about giving up smoking and getting that nicotine rush, although there is a lot of research that shows vaping with a CBD vaporizers might have an impact on your craving for a cigarette, since CBD is reported to assist in helping people to manage their dependency and addictive tendencies. But to answer the question “ Do CBD vapour pens have nicotine in them?” The answer is typically no, although many traditional vape liquids do contain nicotine, in a variety of strengths.

Why do CBD vapour pens not have nicotine in them?

Why? Because it is simply not needed or wanted. The CBD vape that you inhale has a similar effect to smoking without many of the risks, since it gives you an instant feeling of relaxation. CBD vaping however, is not addictive and removes the need for having nicotine in the ingredient list.

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Do cannabis vapour pens have nicotine in them?

Similar to all CBD vaping options, cannabis does not naturally contain nicotine and as far as we are aware, no one makes a product that mixes CBD, cannabis with Nicotine. Here at Ma Time we do not see any need or demand for this combination of ingredients, as the CBD will help you relax without any nicotine content and if giving up smoking is your goal, then the Ma Starter Pack and Karma all in one solution may well be the answer you are looking for!

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