Cyprus legalises medical cannabis

Cyprus legalises medical cannabis

Cypriot legislators on Friday voted to legalise the import, export, preparation, and use of medical cannabis.

Cyprus has become the latest European country to legalise cannabis for medical use, and has amended its drug laws to allow the import of cannabis seeds and plants for the cultivation of cannabis to be used for medical applications.

Initially, prescriptions will be limited to those patients suffering from chronic or persistent pain, as well as patients suffering from Crohn’s disease and Tourette’s syndrome.

The new law dictates that only 2 private companies will be given licences during the first 15 years. The licences will enable the companies to cultivate and distribute medicinal cannabis and cannabinoid medicine products.

Competition for the licences is expected to be fierce, officials have estimated that approximately 200 million dollars worth of cannabis will be produced each year.

The Cypriot government have stated that they hope to attract International companies with a proven track record to ensure that high standards and effective security measures are maintained.

The Cyprus Green Party welcomed the move Friday with a statement saying: “We hope that the process will be launched immediately for hundreds of patients seeking an alternative, non-chemical way to manage their health problems.”

“Although we had proposed many more improvements to this legislation, we believe that the road to medical cannabis has opened in Cyprus,” it added.

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