A CBD vaping strategy for a relaxing train journey.


A lot of CBD vaping articles can be boring!

It’s a fact.

After all, CBD pens and Cannabidiol vaping are a very specialized topic with most of the Cannabinoid articles being produced by Cannabis researchers and CBD research facilities.

Boring to read and boring to write.


So for the sake of all of you CBD vaping enthusiasts who would prefer something a little more interesting to read, here goes:

Hands up if you have ever been in a train crash?

Not literally!

I’m referring to those days when you open your eyes, feel good for a few seconds and then the rest of the day seems to get progressively worse. And no matter what you do, it starts to feel like the whole day is turning into a slow-motion train wreck.

It can end up feeling as though you know the next part of your day is going to be a disaster, even before it happens!

And no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to find a way to get your day back on track.

And it can be extremely stressful, being in a slow-motion train wreck. Rocking from side to side, wheels lifting off the tracks, shaking uncontrollably whilst hurtling toward disaster.

What makes matters worse is that it’s not very easy to get off.

In fact, sometimes it’s impossible!

There are appointments to keep, kids to look after, deadlines to meet, bills to pay, and none of it can wait. A whole list of things to do whilst trying to remain calm and balanced as your train rocks wildly from side to side.

And it can feel like a living nightmare.


So what can you do to make your day a smoother ride?

Surprisingly, during your slow-motion train wreck of a day, you may notice a few fellow travelers who seem to remain calm and centered whilst chaos and carnage happens all around. As other people scream, cry and panic, they may even smile!

And it’s hard to believe they are even passengers on the same train.

So what’s their secret you may be wondering?

How can they possibly remain calm while everyone else loses their minds?

You may be surprised at the answer to this question, so make sure you continue reading so I can explain further.

Because the answer isn’t that they are all using CBD pens.

Although vaping CBD could be part of the answer.

The answer is:

They are relaxed because they are not even on the same train!


Allow me to explain, but first a quick look at perception and maps of reality.

Man relaxing on beach, ocean view, Maldives island

Your world is what you think it is.

We all live in the same world.



It’s the same world but it’s not the same for everyone who lives in it. We all have different internal maps of reality and that’s how we navigate our daily lives.

There’s a great story about an old wise Buddhist farmer who woke up one day to discover all of his horses had escaped, which is a bad thing for a horse farmer. But when his neighbors remarked on how bad his luck had become, he replied, “maybe”.

The next day his horses returned bringing with them dozens of additional wild horses, and when his neighbors remarked how great his fortune had become, he responded “maybe”

The following day his son suffered a broken leg whilst attempting to ride one of the wild horses, and when his neighbors commented on his bad luck the farmer replied “maybe”

Army recruitment officers arrived the next day and took all of the young men from the village, except the farmer’s son, and when the townspeople congratulated him on his good fortune, the old man simply replied…… “maybe”

I’m not sure if the farmer enjoyed using a CBD pen or even if he was secretly vaping some Cannabidiol in his pipe. But he was very relaxed about events that others perceived as being both good, and bad.

Almost as if he was living in a different world!

Which brings us back to our train ride.

Want to avoid a stressful journey? Get on a different train!

So you may be wondering how you can get through the trials and tribulations of a chaotic day whilst remaining calm and centered?

To be brutally honest, there is no definitive answer.

But if you start your day off right, you have a 100% better chance of staying on track.

If you want to avoid a bumpy ride try setting 5 minutes aside each morning just after you wake up. If time is an issue you may need to set your alarm to wake you up 5 minutes earlier.

The idea is to relax, nothing else, just relax.

A couple of puffs on a CBD pen can get you into the right frame of mind and make it much easier for you to enjoy relaxing for a few minutes.

If you like, you can close your eyes and picture yourself in nature, or imagine yourself on a beautiful sun-kissed beach. My favorite imaginary relaxation retreat is on a grassy bank, under an old oak tree next to a slow flowing river.

That’s what works for me.

And I do it every morning.

But everyone is different and it’s best to create your own perfect place where you can allow yourself to become calm and centered. Go ahead, be creative, you are the creator and the director of your internal relaxation sanctuary.

And while you’re enjoying the simple pleasure of feeling happy and relaxed you may not even notice, but you miss a train. It’s a good train to miss, the passengers on that train will not enjoy the journey or the destination.

Instead, you may find yourself on a different track, rolling along at a slower speed, enjoying the scenery and you may even find yourself smiling at the little things that go wrong.

Because you’re on a different track.

So the world seems different.

Vaping Cannabidiol or using a CBD pen combined with a five-minute relaxation exercise can make a difference.

And that little difference may be the only difference you need to make a difference.

And one final word of advice.

Enjoy the detours. 🙂

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