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For those who already smoke or vape, consuming CBD oil in this way seems to be the most popular choice.


There are numerous varieties and flavours of CBD e-liquids, sometimes called e-juice, available.


Although it may be difficult to determine the dose of CBD oil that you are receiving, users report that they still prefer vaping because even the act of vaping is relaxing to them.


Consuming CBD oil in this way requires that you purchase vape equipment.



The popularity of CBD is quickly growing across the UK, and for many, the best way to enjoy CBD is by vaping it.


To do so, you need a good-quality CBD vape pen. A device designed to vaporise CBD juice, a vape pen is convenient and easy to take with you anywhere.


With automatic sensors that turn on as soon as you take a draw, CBD vape pens come in different styles, and there are some considerations that you should keep in mind as you select the ideal vape pen to purchase.

How to Buy the Best CBD Vape Pen

Disposable vs Refillable

The first consideration that you will need to decide upon is if you want a disposable CBD vape pen or one that is refillable. Many users feel that there are pros and cons to each. Disposable vape pens are often ideal for someone who is just beginning to vape CBD. You simply buy the pen, open the package, and take a draw. It really could not be any easier than that. The disposable CBD vape pen comes pre filled with CBD liquid. The liquid and battery life will give you a few hundred puffs, and then you throw it away and buy another. For many users, this is the easiest way to vape CBD, so it is their favourite. Also, if you are just beginning to use CBD, you may want to test out a vape pen first. It would make sense to buy a disposable pen since they are the cheapest. You would not want to invest money in a device that you may not use for long.

Other users prefer refillable vape pens. These devices are somewhat more costly to buy initially when compared to their disposable counterparts. However, many users believe that in the long run, you save more money by investing in a good refillable vape pen. Due to the attached rechargeable battery and CBD liquid tanks, the refillable pens are bigger and bulkier than the super slim and sleek disposable vape pens. The upside is that once you find a pen that you love, there is no need to buy another. You can also switch out the tank and enjoy a wide variety of CBD flavours and tastes whenever you like instead of waiting for the tank to be empty. If you choose to go with a refillable CBD vape pen, you will need to clean and maintain it. This means that you will also need to replace the coil and you will probably want to invest in an extra battery to ensure that you always have the power to use your CBD vape pen whenever and for as long as you like. Additionally, higher end vape pen allows you to change between vaping CBD liquid and cartridges that contain nicotine. This alone is a reason that many users choose refillable pens.


The price of the CBD vape pen is a big determining factor for many users. Luckily, the prices are very affordable, and the price alone should not keep someone from enjoying CBD. The cheapest option is disposable pens. Refillable pens have more of an initial investment. Still, as mentioned above, many users believe that over time it is cheaper to purchase a refillable CBD vape pen, and it is to buy disposable ones continually. Then there are those users who wish to switch between CBD liquid and nicotine. A specialised vape pen is needed to do this, and they are the costliest. However, if you enjoy nicotine and CBD, the more expensive pen is likely ideal for you.

Battery Life

The battery life of a CBD vape pen is a big consideration for many users and is only applicable if you are buying a refillable pen. Disposable pens are not rechargeable, and once the liquid and battery are gone, you toss away the pen. When using a refillable vape pen though, you want to ensure that you always have enough battery life to enjoy CBD whenever you like. Keep this in mind as you are looking for that ideal vape pen for yourself. It is best practice to read users reviews to determine the battery life pros and cons. You might also want to consider buying an extra battery to have on hand. You do not want to be caught in a situation where you would love to be vaping CBD, but your battery is dead.

With a wide selection of CBD vape pens and supplies, Ma CBD Oil is a trusted UK seller of all things CBD related. If you have questions or need help with an order, please contact us here.

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It's so cute looking and compact, it produces loads of vapour, and the battery life is awesome on this thing

- Priyanka UK


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