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You will see CBD vape liquid called many different things, such as CBD vape oil, CBD e-juice and e-liquid.


Just remember that they are all talking about the same thing, which is a CBD vape liquid that can be smoked by using a CBD vape device.



Vaping CBD is one of the most preferred ways to consume CBD as the effects are felt almost immediately.


For those who use CBD to alleviate anxiety attacks, chronic pain, or to help them overcome nicotine addiction, being able to feel the effects of CBD quickly is of the utmost importance.


Guide to CBD Vape Liquid


With there being so many different CBD vape liquid and supplies, understanding what is right for you is important. This guide will give you all the information that you need to be a pro at buying the best CBD vape supplies

CBD Vape Liquid Basics

CBD vape liquids are made from CBD oil that has been taken from the hemp plant. A carrier oil like grape seed oil and flavouring are then added. CBD extract has a rather thick consistency in its raw form, and the carrier oil will help thin it. The flavours that are added to the oil and CBD mixture can come from the natural terpenes that exist in the hemp plant or from other added ingredients like fruit juices. The flavours are usually added later by the manufacturer.

When purchasing CBD vape liquid take time to review the label. Be on the lookout for these two ingredients: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). These are thinning compounds that are usually one of the primary ingredients in all nicotine-infused vape liquids. Occasionally, they are also added to CBD vape liquid. However, it is reported that at high temperatures VG and PG can change into a toxic nanoparticle that is like formaldehyde. Some believe that PG and VG when heated and inhaled, can damage the lungs. While they may be totally safe to ingest, it is likely that they are not safe to vape. As such, you might wish to avoid CBD vape liquid that uses PG and VG.

As a result of the concern with PG and VG, some users believe that the more naturally occurring ingredients in the mixture make the CBD vape liquid better. Other users prefer the added flavours and enjoy experiencing new tastes. It is important though, to ensure that there are no harmful ingredients in your CBD vape liquid so always buy your vaping products for a trusted and reputable supplier. You will also want to review the label to determine how much, if any, THC is in the vape liquid. UK law limits the amount of TCH that can be in CBD vape liquid to .02%.

Benefits of Using CBD Vape Juice

If you are using CBD vape liquid or are considering using it, you are likely doing so because of the many reported benefits of vaping CBD.

As CBD vape liquid is inhaled into the lungs, it enters the bloodstream almost as soon as you inhale it. For those who ingest CBD, much of it is lost in the digestive tract. This is not the case when you vape CBD.

Since the effects are almost instantaneous when you use CBD vape liquid, it is ideal for conditions that have a sudden onset and demand immediate relief. For example, for those who are prone to high anxiety and experience panic attacks, they can begin to vape CBD at the first sign of symptoms and perhaps avoid and escalation that could turn into debilitating anxiety or panic attack.

Additionally, it is widely reported that vaping CBD is free of major side effects, will not cause you to feel high and is not habit-forming. Given these positives as well as the benefits that are reported by users around the world, CBD vape liquid has enormous potential to help treat a wide variety of conditions and symptoms

UK Law and CBD Vape Liquid

Many people are unfamiliar with the relationship between CBD and marijuana, and they question if CBD is even legal in the UK. Luckily, CBD does not cause people to feel high. The psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gives users the feeling of being high is called THC. In the UK, it is illegal for CBD vape liquid to contain a THC content that is higher than .02%. As we mentioned above, to ensure that the vape liquid that you are buying is legal, simply review the label and make sure that the THC is .02% or less.

At Ma CBD Oil, we provide an outstanding selection of legal and high-quality CBD vape liquid and supplies. To view our online inventory, click here.

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