‘The benefits of CBD are making headlines almost daily. From chronic pain to anxiety, CBD is helping people all around the world manage all kinds of debilitating medical conditions.

But what if you don’t suffer from any of these conditions? Can you still use CBD as a health supplement and reap its benefits?

Well, the answer is a resounding yes. Many people are using CBD as a regular supplement to enhance their already healthy lifestyle. More specifically, a growing number of people are beginning to use CBD as an exercise supplement.


Most of the evidence supporting the use of CBD as a workout supplement comes from anecdotal reports. Clinical studies and other kinds of scientific research have yet to explore this topic.

Nonetheless, there is a strong consensus among a growing population that CBD can be a powerful supplement to help enhance one’s exercise regime. Most of the positive anecdotal evidence for CBD in this arena praises it both as a pre and post-workout supplement.


While the answer to this might seem obvious for many of us, this question is on a lot of people’s minds. After all, whenever you try a new health supplement, you want to make sure it’s 100% safe.

Luckily, CBD is completely safe to use daily as part of your exercise routine. It’s impossible to overdose from CBD, and it doesn’t cause any serious side effects when taken properly.


There’s a solid body of research which argues that CBD is a powerful anti-anxiety medication.

Now, you might wonder why we’re bringing this up, but it turns out the anxiolytic effects of CBD are actually quite relevant to understanding its role as an exercise supplement.

When taken even in small doses, CBD can help improve mood and induce a calm, yet focused state of mind, which is why it has gained so much attention as a possible treatment for anxiety, stress, and depression. And you don’t have to suffer from any of these conditions to benefit from CBD’s advantageous effects.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that more and more people have concluded that small doses of CBD also greatly increase their focus when exercising or training, regardless of what kind of exercise they perform or whether they train professionally.


There’s no doubt about it; CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and painkiller. Thanks to countless studies that have proven CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, it’s become extremely popular among patients dealing with arthritis and many other conditions.

But again, you don’t need to be physically in pain or battling chronic inflammation to benefit from CBD. As we know, exercise results in acute inflammation of the muscles. This inflammation, in turn, is usually what leaves us feeling tense or sore in the days following a particularly gruesome workout.

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