Relax its only BREXIT

For the sake of all of you CBD vaping enthusiasts who would prefer something a little more interesting to read here goes:

Hands up if you have ever been in a train crash?

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Pharmaceutical companies terrified medical cannabis oil research study

Pharmaceutical companies terrified of medical cannabis oil and this research study shows why. Hello cannabis oil goodbye pharmaceuticals? A new research study has shown that 44% of medical cannabis users stopped taking their pharmaceutical prescription medications or used less of their conventional medication in favour of cannabis and cannabis oil. The study was conducted by…

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University Serves Cannabis Oil Coffee To Students

This University Serves Cannabis Oil Coffee To Students When it comes to choosing a university, prospective students usually have a list of criteria including facilities, opportunities, clubs, educational standards and nightlife. Being able to purchase a cannabis oil coffee in the library coffee shop is probably not high up on the list due to it…

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CBD oil from algae. A potential new process for the production of pharma grade cannabinoids

CBD oil from algae. A potential new process for the production of pharma grade cannabinoids. The demand for cannabinoid-based medications is currently experiencing exponential growth. In Canada where medical cannabis was recently legalised, it has been reported that approximately 50% of medical cannabis dispensaries were experiencing stock shortages. In the UK, CBD oil and CBD…

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Love, Sex, and CBD oil for Valentines Day

Love, Sex, and CBD oil for Valentine’s Day You would be excused for thinking that CBD oil has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. What could CBD oil have to do with romance, or sex, or love? How could an extract of the hemp plant be of use on the most romantic day of…

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Will CBD vaping be killed off by the proposed UK FSA CBD ban?

Will CBD vape oil be banned in the UK due to proposed  FSA cannabidiol reclassification? There is panic amongst UK CBD suppliers and retailers, as well as hundreds of thousands of CBD users across the UK. It looks as though UK bureaucrats are about to ban cannabidiol (CBD) products after the EU made changes to its…

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CBD and Exercise

‘The benefits of CBD are making headlines almost daily. From chronic pain to anxiety, CBD is helping people all around the world manage all kinds of debilitating medical conditions. But what if you don’t suffer from any of these conditions? Can you still use CBD as a health supplement and reap its benefits? Well, the…

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Can Taking CBD before bed help you to get a better night’s sleep?

6 Tips for a better night’s sleep Stick to a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends. This helps to regulate your body’s clock and could help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the night.  Practice a  relaxing bedtime ritual. A relaxing, routine activity right before bedtime conducted away from…

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Can Vaping CBD help you Quit Smoking?

Vaping CBD may Reduce Nicotine Dependence and Withdrawal by Nick Cunningham, 3rd January 2019 Benefits of Vaping CBD to Reduce Nicotine Dependence and Withdrawal  Vaping has become popular as a potentially less harmful nicotine delivery system than cigarettes. The heated coil and nicotine-based e liquids still enable smokers to enjoy the sensation of smoking without tar…

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Why Vape CBD Oil?

Why should I Vape CBD Oil? Vaping CBD vape oil, not vaping CBD oil! As discussed in earlier articles, CBD Oil describes a product composed of CBD isolate dissolved in an oil base which is suitable for ingestion, sublingual, or topical application.  If you happen to encounter some real CBD Oil and use it in your…

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