Cannabis / CBD vaporizer -

Cannabis / CBD vaporizer

Cannabis / CBD vaporizer

There are many cannabis vaporizers on the market. Most are designed to vape dried herbs and not the oil. So using a cannabis dried herb vaporizer for vaping CBD vape oil is probably not a good idea. And what happens when you go out? You need a CBD vape pen that’s discreet and convenient. Ma Time have burnt the midnight oil and worked out the best CBD system for vaping CBD oil in a portable and legal way. Try our má starter pack and Karma solutions to get the best CBD vaping experience available in the UK today.

Can you use a cannabis vaporiser for vaping CBD?

As mentioned in the paragraph above, cannabis vaporizers are manly designed to vape the dried herbs. Ma Time CBD oil requires a different temperature to make the oil vapourize and not burn. Our vaporizer pens heat the oil to the perfect temperature to release a delicious subtle cloud of delicious flavour. You need to be careful you do not heat the CBD oil too much or it will spoil the taste and damage the oil.

Hemp for Herbal Vaporizers

Cannabis vaporizers – are they legal?

Using a cannabis vaporizer with oil or herbs that are high in Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is illegal. Using it to vape CBD oil is not, assuming that the THC content is just 0.2% or below. A miniscule amount. If you are vaping in public with a Ma Time vape pen, it will not have the illegal connotations associated with a cannabis vaporizer, there is no smell and the pen is extremely discreet. CBD vaporizers are legal and yet still give you that relaxing feeling you are looking for from cannabis oil vaping options.

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