Cannabis e cig -

Cannabis e cig

Cannabis e cig

According to the Daily Mail weed e liquid is being used to smoke marijuana in public.

The point is, this is not vaping, its combusting the dry herb leaves and its not legal. Ma Time has the answer. Our starter pack is the ideal way to enjoy the experience – it has pure CBD oil from the hemp plant and this alternative is all about vaporising and not burning. Since this is based on CBD and not cannabis and is not even smoking, it’s fully legal. So now you can relax with Ma Time anywhere!

Weed e liquids – are they legal?

It’s like owning a gun in America, legal until someone gets hurt as a result of usage. Having a cannabis e cig in the UK is legal. You may be able to buy them online or in a vape store, but once you start to smoke, not vape cannabis in the e cig, assuming it’s CBD vape oil, then you are breaking the law. Want to puff on an e cig to relax? Try Ma Time starter pack. 100% legal CBD e cig, no stress, no worry, just a premium CBD oil vaporizer to conveniently relax you at any time.

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Can I buy a cannabis e cig online in the UK

Any legitimate UK registered company delivering vaporizers from the UK, can legally sell you a cannabis e cig but as mentioned above, it’s potentially illegal to use them. Ma Time can how ever sell you a CBD vaporiser that has all the benefits of the CBD in cannabis and yet because you are vaping, it’s not even classed as smoking. Try it today – see our offerings here with the Ma starter pack or the Karma all in one offing. Happy Vaping!

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