Buying Weed Online – Is It becoming Legal Anytime Soon? -

Buying Weed Online – Is It becoming Legal Anytime Soon?

Buying Weed Online – Is It becoming Legal Anytime Soon?

The idea that we can buy weed online legally is just a pipe dream for now. It’s why we promote CBD as the ideal alternative because it relaxes you without getting you high. Furthermore, CBD oil is perfectly legal. For those who choose to partake in both, there’s some good news coming out of the US.

The current attorney general Jeff Sessions, who’s a well-known hater of all things marijuana, indicated that he won’t attempt to force a crackdown on marijuana across the country. What’s all this about?

Why What Happens in the US Matters

We live in the UK, so why should Ma Time or anyone else care about what happens in the crazy land that is the US right now?

The answer is that when something happens in the US, which is a hegemony in global politics, it tends to inflict a domino effect. Let’s look at the state of marijuana products in the US now. As it stands eight states, plus Washington DC, have fully legalised marijuana for recreational purposes. A further 28 states have legalised marijuana for medicinal purposes.

And in these 28 states it seems that most of the population has suddenly developed back pain, but that aside medicinal marijuana is the first step on the unstoppable path to legal recreational marijuana.

This is important because it could impact what’s legal in terms of CBD oil. Right now the levels of THC, the psychoactive part of marijuana, are strictly controlled. Legalisation could completely change what you find in the Ma Time Starter Pack, for example.

Jeff Sessions Backs Down

For anyone who holds a CBD vaporizer in the UK, they may be worried about the path western nations could take. The rise of Sessions worried the industry of CBD vape oil because he’s made it clear he would love to get rid of any product that comes from the marijuana plant. Thankfully, he’s firmly in the minority as the majority of people in the US (around 60%) believe that marijuana in general should be legalised.

So Why Has Sessions Backed Down On This Issue?

There are both philosophical and practical concerns that have stopped Sessions from issuing a major crackdown. Let’s take a look at each of them in turn and then we’ll examine the implications on CBD oil in the UK.

First of all, the philosophical issue is that Sessions is a Republican and they believe in small government and the idea that individual states should decide their own destinies. That’s exactly the view that the previous administration finally settled upon. It would be a complete contradiction for Sessions to try to change that, with a major Federal crackdown.

However, what should relieve any fan of cannabis oil is that the Federal government simply doesn’t have the resources to enforce this crackdown. Government agencies are suffering from major cuts so it’s unlikely they’ll be able to spare a SWAT team to raid the local CBD e-liquid seller.

Furthermore, states have a lot of power and can resist the Federal government. As many liberal states have done with immigration, they can simply refuse to cooperate. It’s unlikely that states like Washington, California, and Massachusetts would offer any support to Federal authorities if they did attempt a crackdown.

So What Does that Mean for the Future of Marijuana?

To put it simply, this is the same scenario as prohibition in the 1930s. Marijuana is already too prevalent to be stopped. The rise of CBD vape oil and other marijuana-based products are too widespread. For example, if the UK government tried to ban CBD oil, they would simply force it underground. The advantage of legalising marijuana and marijuana by-products would also mean that it can be regulated, with hygiene and quality standards.

Too many people are picking up the Ma Time Karma Pack every day for it to simply recede into nothingness. The natural evolution of political opinion means that support is growing for full legalisation and the products are too widespread to try to stop.

In short, even critics like Sessions are going to have to bite their tongues and accept that marijuana legalisation is inevitable. When it will happen is currently unknown. Whether it happens in a few years or another generation is unknown, however what we can be sure of is that it is inevitable.

Is CBD E-Liquid About to Change Forever?

Here at Ma Time, we always monitor the news carefully. Regardless of the status of marijuana legalisation, we will continue to provide the highest quality CBD oil. What’s interesting is that some brands are panicking about potential law changes because they believe it could kill the CBD oil business.

This couldn’t be further from the truth because when you buy weed online you’re buying a completely different product. The effects of CBD oil are entirely different from rolling up a joint; THC is what makes you ‘high’ and the UK legal limit is under 0.2%. Our liquid gold CBD is designed to help you relax without the high. it’s never going to make you high since it contains no psycho-active elements.

As the rules change, CBD oil is only going to get more interesting. CBD vape juice is going to come in blends never seen before as the rules become more lenient. For example, in the UK we could ultimately see THC restrictions removed, resulting in more psycho-active CBD blends.

It’s an exciting time for vapers everywhere as it’s only going to lead to more innovation. Ma Time is ready and waiting to develop and sell products that continue to push boundaries. If you want to get the most out of your break time then Ma Time is the only way to go.

A New Era for CBD Oil

As public support for marijuana-based products continues growing, we’re eventually going to have more freedom than ever when the current legislation changes. You’re going to witness new flavours, new effects, and completely new products. Vaping is going to be more exciting than ever before.

And there’s probably nothing that the likes of Jeff Sessions can do about it.

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