buy thc to relax? see this first!

buy thc to relax? see this first!

Buying THC to relax? You need to see this first!

Let’s begin with a really simple question.

Why do you want to buy THC or THC e liquid?

Because that’s what you want right?

You’re not spending hours searching the internet and scouring websites just for fun! You are trying your best, hoping to find someone somewhere who will sell you some THC and pop it in the post for you to enjoy a few days later.

Which brings us back to the question:

WHY do you want to buy THC?

And you’re not wasting all of that time searching just because you’re slightly interested in trying THC. You have decided that you want it and you are determined to get your hands on some.

And you must like THC a lot because you are willing to use up hours and hours of your precious time surfing the net trying to find a supplier. And you search long and hard hoping to find THC because nothing else is going to provide the same benefits as THC.

But what if you’re wrong?

What if everything you think you know about THC is incorrect.

What if most people completely misunderstand how the various components of Cannabis interact to produce the effects that they enjoy?

What if all those hours you are spending searching for THC were simply a waste of your time?

And what if there was a much cheaper and easier to obtain alternative to THC that provides what you are looking for?

Would that change things?

It would certainly mean that you and millions of other people are wasting millions of hours per month searching for THC all due to a simple misunderstanding of how specific cannabinoids function in our bodies.

It would be a massive waste of human resources at the very least.

Some would call it a tragedy.

So why do people want to buy THC?

It may not come as a shock when I inform you that the main reason most people search online for THC is because they have tried smoking (or eating) Marijuana, and they enjoyed it.

No brainer, right?

They tried weed and liked the effects.

They enjoy feeling relaxed.

And they also know that weed contains THC.

So they assume that THC must be responsible for the pleasurable effects they experienced.

Can you see where we are going with this?

But before we blow the lid right off your understanding of Cannabinoids, let’s just quickly take a look at the top reasons people use

Marijuana has been used as medicine across many cultures for thousands of years. It’s worth noting that traditionally the whole plant or whole plant extract has been used. Many people believe the whole plant is more effective due to the synergy of the various components. This is known as the entourage effect.

Does THC help you to relax?

The Cannabis plant has been used for a wide variety of applications over the years, but most people accept that the following are the three main reasons most people want to buy THC:

1. Anxiety

It’s a horrible feeling.

The sensation that something is not right, that something bad is about to happen.

You can’t relax and it’s difficult to concentrate on everyday tasks. It can be caused by a fear of an imagined future event or sometimes by current difficulties. A lot of sufferers resort to pharmaceutical medications, some explore various forms of counselling, meditation and other natural therapies.

Some resort to the tried and tested method of having a spliff!

Because when you’re relaxed, it’s easier to be happy.

But what exactly is it about smoking weed that helps people to feel relaxed?

You may be surprised to discover that THC is not the correct answer to this question.

It’s also worth noting that the whole leaf and buds are usually smoked.

2. Emotional Pain

Life can sometimes be hard! At times, most of us experience pain and discomfort.

It’s a fact of life.

And it can make us feel unhappy.

These days most people take a trip to the doctors and usually depart 5 minutes later with a piece of paper entitling them to some form of pharmaceutical medication which they hope will provide relief from their symptoms.

Sometimes it works,

Sometimes it doesn’t,

Often, it actually makes things worse!

More and more people are taking a different path and using Cannabis as they believe it offers a low risk and healthier approach to soothing the pain caused by emotional distress.

So the question is what is in the Cannabis plant that appears to help people who are suffering from emotional pain?


It’s worth mentioning again that the majority of people choose to use the whole plant or whole plant extract.

3. Stress

Lets face it.

Modern life can be extremely stressful!

Who invented the 40 hour work week anyway?

It certainly wasn’t me, but somehow it seems I was automatically signed up to the idea simply by being born.

It can sometimes feel like being on a non stop hamster wheel trying to juggle a million things whilst attempting to remain calm enough to live life happily.

So let’s be brutally honest for a moment.

Sometimes the stress of life can push us so far that we may want to lash out at someone.

Or worse.

So what do most of us do to relieve stress?

A lot of people resort to drugs, alcohol and medication.

Others learn coping techniques or explore natural healing therapies.

And a lot of people smoke weed.

Because it helps them to feel relaxed

So is it the THC in Cannabinoids that promotes feelings of relaxation?

And here is the revelation I promised you earlier in this article.

It’s a bit of a shocker and you may not even believe it.

So here it is:

THC makes you anxious.

In fact, in moderate to large doses it significantly increases feelings of anxiety.

I did warn you.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

But if you want to chill.

THC doesn’t work.

But don’t just take my word for it.

The University of Illinois, Chicago, is the largest medical school in the U.S. It has an annual budget of $2 billion and receives hundreds of millions in research grants every year.

Take their word for it.

“Moderate doses of THC increase anxiety, negative mood and subjective distress.”

You can read about the study here.

And there are plenty of other studies that show similar results when analysing the effects of THC.

So if it’s not THC, what is it exactly that Cannabis contains that encourages people to use it to promote calm and relaxation ?

The answer to that question is easier to find when we understand that people have traditionally used the whole plant or whole plant extracts of Marijuana.

Because Marijuana contains another lesser known Cannabinoid.

Its called Cannabidiol (CBD)

Woman with eyes closed sitting in meadow.

Relax, CBD is legal.

It’s the new kid on the block.

And it’s also been a well kept secret until very recently.

But now an increasing number of people are beginning to discover the benefits of CBD.

This is plain to see from the recent explosion in internet searches for Cannabidiol

According to Google, in just the last 30 days over 5500 people have searched online for “CBD oil for anxiety”

Compare that to just 77 people who searched for “THC for anxiety” in the same period.

You have most likely already noticed the increasing number of people vaping CBD e liquid in their own vape or using a specially designed CBD pen.

Cannabidiol offers simple, affordable and legal way to enjoy the benefits of Cannabinoids.

So when it comes to choosing between THC and CBD to help you relax.

The question is really which part of the Cannabis plant promotes feelings of relaxation?


And thousands of people have already discovered the answer.

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