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What’s the difference? Vaping with weed vape juice and smoking a cigarette

13 March 2017

There are those who believe that vaping with cannabis e-juice and smoking a cigarette are practically the same thing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the only similarity they have in common is the action of inhalation.

Beyond that they have nothing in common. So what are the differences between vaping and smoking a cigarette?

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Myth busting – clearing up the misconceptions about CBD vape juice and vaping

10 March 2017

Ask the average person in the street and you’ll undoubtedly receive an ear full about vaping. This is not because they have some personal vendetta against it. They believed the media and they believed the people who have never even tried vaping before.

If you’re thinking about looking into the best CBD oil for sale, it’s time to clear some things up. These are the biggest myths surrounding cannabis e-juice.

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Why Have Smokers Switched To Vaping En Masse?

08 March 2017

There’s been a monumental shift in the last decade when it comes to the direction of vaping. Not only are sales for CBD e-juice up, but an increasing number of vapers happen to be former smokers. Some smokers even vape at the same time. It’s a startling shift in attitudes and it all comes despite the fact the media has slaughtered vaping in recent years.

The team at Ma Time have found that much of the CBD oil for sale is being picked up by smokers and former smokers. It’s a trend we’ve looked into so our products can be even better.

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Will my CBD vaping battery explode? (probably not)

01 March 2017

Anyone who regularly vapes will have heard the stories about exploding batteries. It may have made them gingerly remove their vaping devices from their pockets never to pick them up again. But before you join the mass panic cooked up by people who want to sell a few more copies of a newspaper, it is important to address the facts.

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what the media got wrong about vaping

19 February 2017

Vaping has changed so much in the last decade. You can now easily find cannabis oil for sale and it’s never been more socially acceptable to vape in public. Most people use them as an alternative to smoking, but we believe that even more people are buying cannabis e juice as a legal way to relax and chill out.

So how has the media’s perspective on weed vape juice changed and what have they got wrong?

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Vaping Helps to Quit Smoking and Science Now Proves It

18 September 2016

The debate over e-cigarettes has gone relentlessly back-and-forth. Some experts have claimed they are as bad for you as smoking, whilst others have whole-heartedly asserted that they are 95% safer than tobacco.  But now, after years of division over whether they actually help with quitting smoking, researchers at University College London have, in a study funded by Cancer Research UK and published in the BMJ, found that they do successfully help smokers quit smoking. The NHS  has now also reported that there is ‘little doubt using these devices is much less harmful than continuing to smoke tobacco’.

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What is CBD vaping? Here it is explained in 4 points to get you intrigued.

05 August 2016

Hemp, the non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant, contains cannabidiol (CBD) which amongst many health benefits is also known to induce a state of calm and relaxation. CBD vaping is taking highly purified, concentrated CBD from hemp as the key ingredient in a new type of e-liquid, heating and inhaling it through a herbal vaporiser-et voilà! We have CBD vaping. má CBD vaping is made from a very powerful and natural formula, creating a wonderful relaxing, unwinding and calming effect.

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