alex cole msp admits using cannabis

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson admits to using cannabis as he pledges support for a five-year-old child to be prescribed CBD oil on the NHS.

Let’s give this guy a medal already!

A member of the Scottish Parliament has pledged his support to the mother of a child suffering from Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy (MAE).

MSP Alex Cole admitted to using cannabis himself whilst pledging support for Karen Gray, the mother of a five-year-old child currently in hospital being treated for epilepsy.

Karen Gray, from East Craigs, Edinburgh, has launched a petition for Cannabidiol (CBD) oil to be prescribed to her son Murray in the hope it will to reduce the “nightmare” seizures that the brave youngster has to endure. Her son was admitted to the Royal hospital for sick children in December after he suffered 12 seizures. He is currently still in hospital where doctors are prescribing him a range of pharmaceutical medications whilst attempting to control his spasms.

She said: “We’re grateful to Alex and to everyone else for their support. It’s a nightmare just watching him, you can’t do anything and you feel totally helpless. It is ridiculous the CBD oil is not available on the NHS. We have tried other methods that haven’t worked on Murray. We know that this definitely helps him so we should be able to use it. That is the most frustrating part.”

The MSP admitted that he personally used marijuana in his university days although he said it just made him feel sleepy.

The Edinburgh MSP said: “Full disclosure, I used it in my student days, but cannabis only ever made me sleepy and a bit queasy so it’s not my cup of tea”

Sponsored by HM Government “Access to these treatments would make a huge difference to the quality of life of kids like Murray. Any parent would want to make sure their child’s life is as pain-free as possible and it’s heartbreaking that under the laws currently in place, the NHS is not able to support patients who would benefit from the use of CBD oil. Many patients could benefit from such treatments if they had access to support from medical professionals in doing so.” he said.

The case is similar to that of Alfie Dingley whose parents yesterday delivered a petition to Downing Street calling for their son to have access to medical marijuana to help with his severe seizures.

Alfie illness prompted his parents to take him to the Netherlands to receive treatment with cannabis oil. Whilst receiving the treatment, Alfie’s seizures reduced from 150 per month to one.

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