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the origin

má - the first word ever used for cannabis. From Taiwan 10,000 years ago, má identifies the mágical moment of the first production of hemp! The symbol from which má is translated, beautifully depicts two of these precious plants, drying under a wood shelter.

má - original purest finest cannabis products, made with love and care.

má - original purest finest cannabis products, made with love and care.

Unpollinated hemp (the ‘industrial’ male plant) contains cannabidiol (CBD), which can help you feel wonderfully relaxed and calm. má has extremely low levels of THC, the other active ingredient of the hemp plant (well below the EU legal limit of less than 0.2%). The highly purified concentrated CBD in our e-liquid is carefully extracted using CO2, from natural certified industrial hemp plantations in the USA. This creates a powerful and natural formula. ma's CBD is blended with vegetable glycerin, regularly used in pharmaceutical nebulisers and asthma inhalers over decades.

má has designed the highest quality vaping equipment on the CBD market today. Crafted specifically to maximise the benefits of precious CBD, the má high end steel and glass vaporiser heats this remarkable oil to the perfect temperature, to create a smooth delicious vapour, for your enjoyment and relaxation.

CBD is subject to no restriction on import, sale, possession or use and is fully legal in the UK and over 40 countries worldwide, including many in the EU.

Legal Warning

má is not intended for use by persons under 18, non-smokers, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons at risk of high blood pressure or heart disease. Our products do not treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, physical ailment, or condition. Consult your physician before using any electronic cigarette product. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. má is not a marijuana vaporiser, since it contains CBD oil – a non-psychoactive ingredient which has no euphoric effect. má may induce drowsiness.

Do not drive or operate a motor vehicle while taking the product. Do not use in conjunction with illicit drugs, alcohol, energy drinks, herbal and/or nutritional supplements. má CBD oil is sourced purely from certified hemp plantations. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp and is not sold in violation of the Controlled Substance Act.


"má always helps me to relax, it puts me in a good mood for sleep" - Alexandra, London

"Just nice relaxed feeling. Feel very chilled"Aaron, Wembley

"Taste is good and is a great alternative to a drink after work" - Owen, Widnes

"Something like the "good side" of classical smoking. No disorientation, no dry mouth nor red eyes. Just the good feeling and relaxed mood" - Alessandro, Modena, Italy

"Ma-vape is perfect for me & does help me relax at the end of the night when my daughter is asleep. Ma-time in my case should be renamed Me-time!" - Vanessa, Slough

"It helps me relax after dinner
for a good night sleep." - 
Pascale, La Hauteville, France

"I bought some e liquid and starter kit from ma time. I was very pleased with my purchase. However I had a little issue with the kit. I immediately contacted customer support. Within a few hours I had a response and was asked for a little more information. Within a day my issues were resolved and a new kit sent to me. I’m so happy as this was excellent customer service. The CBD liquid is excellent and the strawberry flavour is my favourite as it tastes like real strawberries. Thank you for having such a excellent member of your team that responded with complete professionalism and speed. I will recommend anyone to use má time for there me time! Thank you." - Joanne, Romford

"it's been a game changer for me! I sleep so much better at night, and feel calm just knowing I have it in my bag!" - Kristen, London

"thank God for má CBD" - Stef, Germany

"well done you for making such an amazing vape pen, really nice" - Vanessa, UK

"It's so cute looking and compact, it produces loads of vapour, and the battery life is awesome on this thing" - Priyanka UK

"I’ve tried other cbd e liquids and can safely say ma is the best, it might be small but certainly packs a punch!
After a stressful hard-working day, ma is a great way to unwind, I don’t drink much so ma is better alternative.
Ma tends to mirror the mood I’m in and makes me laugh more, relax more and helps get a good nights sleep." - 
Dov, UK