of London - fast delivery - 100% legal

 of London - fast delivery - 100% legal

Gold Original CBD e liquid

'Gold Original'
CBD Vape Starter Pack

CBD vape starter pack with CBD vape oil

The ultimate CBD starter pack; a 1ml bottle of ma Gold Original CBD vape oil, steel-glass vaporizer, power unit and USB charger.

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'Gold Original'
CBD e liquid

CBD vape oil

Described as “The One", the má Gold Original CBD e-liquid in 3 flavours, for use in má vape pens and all other devices.

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'Gold Original' Karma CBD Vape Pen

CBD vape pen replacement tank plus CBD vape oil

The elegant má karma 'all in one' disposable CBD pen, comes in 2 colours and flavours.

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'Gold Original' CBD e liquid Multi Buy

CBD oil drops 500mg

Save over £100 with our 'Gold Orginal' CBD e liquid multi buy offer and mix your flavour choices.

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Premium CBD Oils

Premium 5% CBD Oil Drops 10ml

Full spectrum CBD oil extracted from raw organic European hemp. Contains 500mg CBD per 10ml bottle.
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CBD Multi Pack Oil Drops (Save over £127)

  • Buy 3 for £105
  • Buy 6 for £201
  • Buy 10 for £315
  • Buy 15 for £435

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CBD Multi-buy Offers

CBD Multi Pack Vape Oil (Save over £100)

  • Buy 3 for £64.44
  • Buy 6 for £123.90
  • Buy 10 for £196
  • Buy 15 for £273.75

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CBD Multi Pack Oil Drops (Save over £127)

  • Buy 3 for £105
  • Buy 6 for £201
  • Buy 10 for £315
  • Buy 15 for £435

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Discover má CBD 

Hemp Plant - maCBD

Organic CBD oil

má CBD oil is extracted from organic hemp which we import to the UK from organic farms located in Europe and the U.S.A. It is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We supply a wide range of legal cannabis oil products to our customers in the UK and EU. CBD  products are increasingly being used by those who enjoy experiencing the benefits of the cannabis plant without experiencing the psychoactive effects normally associated with marijuana. Cannabidiol boosts the level of cannabinoids in the human endocannabinoid system which plays a role in many physiological processes including healing, mood, emotions, pain, cognitive processes and inflammation. We use independent laboratory analysis to confirm that our hemp oils contain less than .2% THC. má CBD is produced using a state of the art extraction process which does not involve harsh chemicals or heat and retains the terpenes for natural flavour and aroma. Our CBD oil products are bottled and packed in a temperature controlled clean room facility. We offer fast UK delivery.

CBD vape pen - má CBD
Hemp Plant - maCBD

Organic Cannabinoids

Our new Cannabidiol
vaping oil formulation contains 30mg / 1ml organic CBD to maximize
the benefits

CBD vape pen coil

Revolutionary Coil

Revolutionary coil technology combined with multiple
vaping power
settings ensure a silky smooth CBD vapour every time

CBD vape pen

Stylish and Durable

Stylish and discreet
with steel construction
for long
lasting durability

CBD vape pen battery

Long Life Battery

Provides 400 - 500 puffs
from long
life rechargeable battery,
enough for all day vaping.

Order your má today and experience the benefits of CBD oil for yourself! We are a UK business. Fast delivery. 100% UK Legal

CBD e liquid

CBD Vape Oil

má CBD vape oil has been refined from organic hemp, in a process that produces an ultra high-grade CBD e-liquid.
Vaping is a fast and efficient method to experience the benefits of cannabidiol as it bypasses the digestive system and has a rapid onset of effect.
We use only the highest quality legal cannabinoid extracts grown specifically to maximize the presence of non-psychoactive legal cannabidiol. Our CBD e liquid can also be used as a vape additive to mix with your favourite vape oil

High strength CBD vape oil is 100% legal in the U.K and provides a convenient and enjoyable way to increase the concentration of cannabinoids in your systemic circulation. Increasing the level of cannabinoids within your daily supplement regime can help maintain a healthy & balanced endocannabinoid system.

Organic Cannabidiol

After 3 years of intensive research & development, we have succeeded in creating a premium high concentration legal cannabinoid vape juice suitable for any vape device. Our cannabis strains are grown on certified organic hemp farms. We extract the full spectrum organic cannabinoids using chemical-free C02 extraction techniques and after intensive filtration and testing, we incorporate our cannabinoid extracts into our premium Cannabidiol e liquids.

The má CBD vape pen has been designed specifically to maximize the benefits of the cannabinoids by heating them to the exact temperature necessary for you to enjoy all of the benefits of Cannabinoids in a delicious silky smooth vapour. It's a great way to relax whilst experiencing the benefits of Cannabinoids.

CBD vape pen and cannabis
CBD vaping in hammock

Use Your CBD Vape Pen Anywhere

The má CBD vape pen is a premium steel and glass handheld vape device that is completely legal to use in the UK. CBD pens are effective and discreet, enabling you to use them comfortably anywhere and at any time you like. The má CBD vape pen incorporates a high capacity battery to increase usage between charging, one charge is all you need for a full day of vaping.

All of our cannabinoid extracts are completely legal, non-psychoactive and will not prevent you from enjoying your usual activities, whether its work, rest or play. máCBD is a UK company and our CBD vape pens are rapidly dispatched from our Surrey warehouse to ensure fast delivery.

What do our customers think about us?

"má always helps me to relax, it puts me in a good mood for sleep" - Alexandra, London

"Just nice relaxed feeling. Feel very chilled"Aaron, Wembley

"Taste is good and is a great alternative to a drink after work" - Owen, Widnes

"Something like the "good side" of classical smoking. No disorientation, no dry mouth nor red eyes. Just the good feeling and relaxed mood" - Alessandro, Modena, Italy

"Ma-vape is perfect for me & does help me relax at the end of the night when my daughter is asleep. Ma-time in my case should be renamed Me-time!" - Vanessa, Slough

"It helps me relax after dinner
for a good night sleep." - 
Pascale, La Hauteville, France

CBD UK - Relaxation reinvented

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"The taste of this specific e-joint was actually rather pleasing, compared to previous e-cigs I had tried prior to using this device."


"We've been testing it out over the last few weeks and we can safely say that it really does relax you plus it's a damn smooth vape."


"My mood was notably elevated after an hour or so of usage, and more importantly I noticed it helped a great deal when trying to drift off to sleep in the evening. It had positive effects on stabilising my appetite, and an overall enhanced feeling of wellbeing."

Order your má today and experience the benefits of CBD oil for yourself! We are a UK business. Fast delivery. 100% UK Legal

Legal Disclaimer

Updated 2018: Ingesting and vaping cannabidiol is a great way to boost the level of plant cannabinoids in your endocannabinoid system which is believed to play a role in maintaining your body's homeostasis and your immune system. Vaping  is a good choice if you would like to speed up the absorption of cannabidiol into the body and gain the added benefit of bypassing the physiological functions that normally break down cannabidiol during the digestive process. We do not make any claims regarding the health benefits of using CBD oil and do not claim any correcting or modifying effect from using our range of CBD products. maCBD cannabis products are UK legal and their use will not cause you to fail a drug test. We make no claims regarding the health benefits of cannabidiol relating to cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, depression, Crohn's disease or epilepsy. All of our products containing hemp oil are supplied as nutritional supplements, and it's important to note that they are not intended to replace pharmacological medication, medical advice or corrective surgery. ma CBD vaping oil contains pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and is only to be used for vaping, is not designed to be ingested and may cause illness if swallowed.  When you buy hemp products from this website please be aware that you are not purchasing a product intended for medicinal use. No products on this website are supplied to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any form of illness or disability.